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Sunday Stream of Consciousness

Oh right, I blog. I remember now.

Things are in full swing preparing for Eli’s first birthday, which is in 6 days. I absolutely cannot believe that he will be one in 6 days. One year ago I was a grumbling, whining, miserable mess because it was my due date and there was no sign of labor and no baby and I was 100000 pounds (read: 15 more than I am right now) and did I mention miserable?

And now, I have a baby who is almost not a baby anymore. Today he got his first haircut, which he desperately needed. He has said his first word (dog, which, I can’t even with that). He’s not terribly close to walking, but he crawls and cruises and is just the happiest baby ever.

A year ago I didn’t have a baby, and now I barely have one. This has been such an incredible year, but it has FLOWN.

On Friday we’re having Eli’s 1 year pictures taken. I am looking forward to it, though I know it’s going to be a big production the night before a big production, so I’m sort of pre-emptively tired. We were able to schedule Eli and my niece Addie’s pictures back to back so that we can also do a couple of pictures of them together, for which I bought possibly the most ridiculous outfit of all time. Pretty excited about that part.

After dinner tonight, Eli broke out in a rash on his chest and the eczema on his cheeks flared up big time. The only newish thing he had was mango, which he’s had (I think) 2 other times. And tonight he only took a very small bite, so I’m a little concerned about that. It’s definitely something I’ll bring up at the 1 year check up that is in 8 days. Because my baby will be 1 in 6 days.

Also in 6 days, I get to quit pumping. And oh my God I’m so so so happy.

Speaking of appointments, we have our follow up visit with the neurosurgeon tomorrow. Though Eli thankfully didn’t have surgery following his fall/brain bleed, he was admitted to the neurosurgical team and so that’s who we’re following up with. He’s had very few issues since coming home from the hospital, but I have a few little concerns that hopefully we’ll be able to address tomorrow. I don’t think we’ll need any future follow ups and for that I am immeasurably grateful.

I bought a bag of “Belly Flops” (reject Jelly Bellies) and there were several that I swear to God were Tabasco flavored. I wanted to die.

The situation with Eli and the cats has reached a bit of an apex. Eli firmly believes that the kitties are his best friends ever, but the kitties believe he is the worst thing ever. And so basically there is a constant battle of Eli wanting to “pet” (read: assault) the cats and catch their tails, and the cats wanting to kill the baby. Currently Eli has bite marks on his face (ON HIS FACE) from my cat, and despite this, he is not deterred. Hell, he didn’t even cry when it happened. He squealed and went right back for the tail. I feel like I am running constant interference between the baby and the cats and neither of them are learning anything.

6 days. Let’s get this week started.

Sunday Stream of Consciousness

Big week ahead, and not one I’m looking forward to. I’m working 8-5 Monday, Wednesday and Friday and 1:30-5:30 on Thursday. That is by far, the longest I’ve worked since Eli was born. And the work on M/F is 45 minutes (without traffic) from home, which, even more ugh.

Eli experienced grass for the first time today. To say he was not a fan is a gross understatement.

We’re back to crib training, very seriously this time. On Friday night we did real, authentic cry it out and for the first time, had success with it. It also made me feel terrible and I hated it so very much, but the next night there was only a moment of fussing and tonight not a peep was made (though he played around for a long time). The only problem is that it appears that my child rather seriously does not know how to lay down on his own. He falls asleep in that folded over sitting position every night and while I know he can sleep that way, he doesn’t sleep well.

Tonight my husband and I went to a cooking class that I bought for him for Valentine’s Day. We made shrimp etouffee, chicken and andouille gumbo, turnips with mustard greens, cornbread and bananas foster. The gumbo was decent, the etouffee was awesome. It was also fun because we did the etouffee in two batches- half the class did one, half did the other and ours was SO much better. Everyone went back for more of ours and half theirs was left at the end. I take zero credit for this since all I did was stir, but my husband was instrumental in the spice quantities, so, go him.

I hate this time change so very, very much. Like, I don’t even have words for how much I hate it, especially on the weekend before I work a bunch. Ugh.

And to end on a somber note, we got some sad news today. My uncle (I guess for ease of understanding he’s technically my uncle-in-law- he’s married to my aunt)’s father fell at home last week and has been in a rehab center this week recovering from that, and this morning my uncle’s mother passed away. It was not all together unexpected, she has been unwell for some time, but the timing is horrible and my uncle’s father is struggling. I’ve known my uncle’s parents for some time (and the rest of his family) and my heart goes out to them. Several of them read here and I know they could use your love and good thoughts as they grieve this loss. My heart goes out to them.

I hope you all have a good week. I’ll be writing a bit more this week than last (shouldn’t be hard).

Sunday Stream of Consciousness

I know I haven’t worked since Friday afternoon, but I have no idea where the past 2 days went. It seems like the time has flown at an unnatural speed.

Saturday all 3 of us participated in the Orange County/Inland Empire Muscular Dystrophy Association muscle walk. It was a 5K that raised money for MD research as well as the MDA camps that take place during the summer. My husband worked at the camp last summer and they asked if he would return and if I could join him this year. They’ve even agreed to let us bring the baby, as long as he’s healthy, since there are some significant concerns with respiratory health for a lot of these kids. I’m very, very excited.

As I type this, there’s a Lifetime movie on in the background and I’m about 90% sure one woman is poisoning another. The poisoner is pregnant, naturally.

Tomorrow Eli and I are headed down to go to the zoo with my sister and niece. It’s not a horrible drive for me and since we have a year pass, it’s free. Hopefully traffic (now with my new! fasttrack pass!) won’t be bad either way and the baby will take a couple decent car naps.

This afternoon/evening, I fell down the rabbit hole of convertible car seat research. And wow. Just wow. There are many different varieties. They’re all tested to insure safety, they all come in a myriad of colors and sizes and styles and prices and we are never going to pick. Eli still has 4 inches and, uh, 18 pounds, to go in his current car seat (I’m relatively confident he’ll get too tall first), so it’s time to start looking. Obnoxiously, we’ll need 2 seats since my husband and I often trade off daycare drop off and installing these seats is a huge hassle. I am soliciting convertible car seat suggestions.

It’s strange that I now think about the baby’s length as height. I keep saying he’s tall, where before he was long. I suppose this is what happens when your baby starts standing.

My thumb is giving me a ton of trouble right now. I didn’t injure it, but I’m thinking it’s an overuse thing from work. I have very mobile finger/thumb joints, so I’m at an increased risk for screwing them up and this is a nice (if a little excessively painful) wake up call to start being more aware when I work. For now, I’ll be icing icing icing.

Today Eli ate well (like the most he’s eaten in WEEKS), slept pretty well and played hard. I’m hoping that tonight is finally the night his sleep normalizes a bit. We have had at least 2 wake ups a night every night except 2 for the past 5 weeks. I am so tired. And I have to get up once to pump at night or my milk supply suffers greatly.

Speaking of sleep, it’s time to head that way. I hope you all have a wonderful week!

Sunday Stream of Consciousness

Oh right, I have a blog. I don’t even really know what happened to the end of last week, life and blog-wise. It was a strange, busy week, but the next few are looking like they’ll be much mellower, which is really nice.

I love the show Bones. Love it. But this season they have gotten really lazy with medical facts (like, non-complex ones that would only take a tiny moment on Google) and a little too gimmicky. I really dislike the out of body episodes, and the from the perspective of the dead person episodes. Just solve murders with good character and dialogue. Don’t “fix” what isn’t broken.

I started, very loosely, planning Eli’s 1st birthday party and I am halfway between excited and so very sad. My baby is growing so fast. I know every mother says that, but I always thought it was just one of those things that people say because it never seemed to me like anyone was aging particularly quickly. But here I am. Soon he won’t be a baby anymore and I just am immeasurably wistful about it.

When we first got Jacques-Imo, he was completely convinced that Karma was his best! friend! Karma, did not agree and she expressed this with violence. Now that Eli is mobile, he thinks that the kitties are his best! friends! and holy crap that kid is going to get hurt soon. Right now Shmo just bops him on the head a lot, though he has tried to bite Eli’s head a few times. Karma on the other hand, who will totally cut a bitch for looking at her wrong, almost bit Eli in a big way tonight after a tail pull. Thankfully I was right there and able to play interference.

Eli ate a strawberry tonight. And didn’t choke! He absolutely refused to hold it himself, but he liked it a whole lot. We’ll try again tomorrow (both for practice and for allergy testing), but we may have found another food he’ll eat not pureed (bringing the total to, uh, 2?)

Tomorrow I have a job interview for a job I don’t really want. It’s a complicated situation, but I’m not super excited about getting up at the crack of dawn, taking Eli to daycare and driving across town to interview when, unless they’re incredibly flexible and only want me to work for 12 hours a week (and no Saturdays), there’s no chance I’m going to take the job they’re offering. Please don’t misunderstand me, I realize how lucky I am to be offered it, I understand how scarce work is, it’s just a complex situation. I’m going to hear them out anyway and perhaps it will work out, but I’m not anticipating much. Also, the whole thing has to be handled diplomatically, because even if I don’t take the job offer, I will be periodically working at that clinic for a while to come.

I’m reading Gone Girl right now, thanks to your suggestions last week, and enjoying it a lot so far. I now have a list of what I’ll be reading for weeks to come and I’m pretty excited for it. It’s nice that Eli’s at a stage where he sleeps predictably (time wise, not location wise) and I can get a few stretches of “me” time during the day to do things like read and blog and all that.

Alright, I’m off to finish this episode of Bones, pick out clothes for this interview and then go to bed. Have a great week!

Sunday Stream of Consciousness

It’s been a few weeks since I was free on a Sunday night, but I finally am so it’s time for a stream of consciousness.

I’m exhausted. Like, so tired I am barely functioning. I blame this on the fact that we decided to watch The Hunger Games movie on Friday, (it was my husband’s birthday, no long loving blog post this year, though I love him, because tired) and stayed up until midnight. And then Eli got up at 7am (and 3am…), so I started out sleep deprived, then it kind of snowballed. Which is a fun pun since part of the lack of relaxation this weekend came from taking the baby to the snow!


For Valentine’s Day I reserved a spot for my husband (and me) in a couples cooking class. We’re doing the “Rajin’ Cajun” class in March and we’re both pretty excited.

I do not want to work tomorrow. Or Tuesday. I’m pretty okay with working Wednesday, but I’m dreading Monday/Tuesday to the point that I’m trying to discern how sick I would need to suddenly become overnight to reasonably get out of it. That seems like not such a good sign. I’m about ready to quit that particular job, but the problem is that I’ve agreed to work days for them until June and I have a hard time backing out of commitments, especially without any legitimate reason. So my current plan is to work for this company on the days I’ve said I would through July, and then switch entirely to my other (pediatric) job. I’m already picking up another half day in peds, and as the business grows I’ll be able to pick up even more, so hopefully I’ll be able to make up for the lost days in my original company with this other one.

There were a lot of pronouns in that last paragraph. Sorry.

My husband specifically requested cookie cake for his birthday. I was pretty stoked to oblige that. His mom actually also got him a raspberry lime cheesecake tonight and it was pretty good. I mean, it was no cookie cake, but it was still good.

I’m soliciting book recommendations. I finished the entire Hunger Games series (I have feelings about the ending of MockingJay) and read the latest in one of the James Patterson series that I like, but I’d like something new. To broaden my horizons. By which I mean, I’m looking for a book that is like the ones I already like- suspenseful but not going to keep me up at night. Easy enough to read, if it drags too much, I’m likely to quit. Anyone have a particular book/series they enjoy?

Have I mentioned yet that I don’t want to work tomorrow?

The baby is sick again. Just a cold, but he’s just so pathetic when sick. He rallied well today and was totally charming for my in-laws, but you could tell that there just wasn’t any sparkle in his eyes. Tomorrow he is staying home with my husband, who has the day off (salt in the wounds of my having to work at a job I don’t like right now), which is good for both of them, I think. Hopefully Eli will be better on Tuesday. He technically meets all the requirements for being at daycare (no fever, no vomiting, etc), I just hate sending him sick, even if he did catch it there.

My husband has taken to calling the baby gated living room the arena and making Hunger Games references, especially after locking Eli and at least one of the cats insides. These poor cats. The odds are simply never in their favor.

I was so excited to watch The Worst Cooks in America tonight, but I seriously almost had to turn it off after the very loud gagging by one of the contestants. Whoever edits these tv shows needs to understand that we never, ever need to hear or see gagging or vomiting. We just don’t. Ever. I’m talking to you, Biggest Loser.

And with that deep thought, I’m going to bed. Have a great week!

Sunday Stream of Consciousness

This one will probably be a little brief. I just got back from being out of town in a whirlwind trip and am exhausted and with two pretty fierce ear aches. I’m pretty sure they’re just from the pressure changes of the driving, but regardless, I’m grumpy and not pretending otherwise. This afternoon was a bit of a shit show. I’m actually ready for it to be Monday.

Last night I spent my first night alone with the baby not at home. I’m not saying that like it’s a milestone I’m going to write in his baby book, just noting it because it was such a crappy night to be alone. And not at home. And this is a bit circular but basically Eli woke up and didn’t want to go back to sleep. So he was up for an hour and a half and my sister and niece were in the next room and I didn’t want to wake them, so I couldn’t even let him fuss much. And I had a stomach ache that could’ve been improved with medication that I didn’t have time to take. It was unpleasant. He eventually went back to sleep, but it would’ve been such a good night to have a spouse or a swing or both of those items.

Eli is officially crawling. And pulling up on furniture. My baby is adorably mobile.

We’re heading to Big Bear to ski in a few weeks and today I found a crazy good deal on a ski jacket. Sadly, none of my ski gear fits post-baby, so I bought new pants last week and a new jacket today. The original price was $175, with sales it was down to like 50 bucks. It’s one with the removable fleece liner and it’s cute too. There was an even more on sale one, and it was slightly less cute, but also they only had extra larges and I was definitely a large in that style.

If you ski, please wear a helmet. I have met more than one patient with skiing/snowboarding related brain injuries. They are awful. Helmets are cooler than TBIs.

Josie is gone. She’s gone. And you’ll know what I mean if you know what I mean. Or something like that. I hated her. Now to watch Last Chance Kitchen to see how gone.

My baby hasn’t puked in a week. I realize this sounds like not such an incredible feat, but lately it’s been a bit of an epidemic. We’re going to try some roasted carrots tomorrow, so I’m not hopeful that the streak will last much longer. Que sera sera. Apparently I just have an incredibly adorable puker.

I think my pumping is coming to a close. I’ll write more about it later, but for various reasons, I’m ready to be finished. I’m just slowly getting there. I’m pretty stoked about having to wash fewer dishes, pack fewer items and having my lunches be free again. But I am a little wistful. I had hoped to go a year, but I just don’t think it’s feasible at this point. We’ll see.

Okay, I’m out. Have a great week, everyone!

Sunday Stream of Consciousness

This weekend has disappeared. Like, poof. We spent most of Saturday at Heather’s house for Annie’s 3rd birthday (okay, we spent most of the time in the car not at her house, because she lives faaaaaar), and then today we spent with my dad, step-mom, sister, brother-in-law, niece and grandma.

Blessedly, Eli is healthy for the first time since Thanksgiving. He has a tiny little lingering cough, but that’s all. And I fully expect to be eating these words within a few days, but we are trying to savor his happiness, right in between bouts of stranger and separation anxiety because apparently 8 months is when he inherited my anxiety issues. I have to say, I am ill prepared for this. I kinda thought things got easier as babies got older but I think perhaps I was completely wrong.

I am beyond displeased with how this season’s NFL has shaken out. I dislike all the teams who played today and while I’m glad Baltimore won since they are the lesser of all evils, I’m so unhappy that the 49ers are in the Super Bowl. I loathe the 49ers. Loathe them. And I strongly dislike Jim Harbaugh and all his ridiculous profanity laced toddler-esque fits (today he literally stomped. STOMPED. He is a grown man!) I hope they get trounced. I’m not bitter, even though I sound that way. I just really dislike the 49ers.

I finally read The Hunger Games. In 2 days. I was not wild about the ending and of course am now starting the next book like tomorrow. Okay fine. Tonight.

On Wednesday my mom and I are heading down to San Diego with the baby. On Wednesday we’re just playing, but Thursday morning I’m presenting at a big (professional, non-blogging related) conference and she’s watching Eli. It’s kind of a big deal and also kind of really scary. And even more fun, I have not a single item I can wear because I still haven’t lost any of this damn baby weight and all my beautiful suits and other professional attire is in a bag in my garage with a sad face on it. Interestingly, my face has a similar sad face on it.

And, we’re going skiing in a few weeks and ask me if any of my ski pants or jackets fit. Okay don’t. Because I don’t want to talk about it.

I’m ready for Worst Cooks in America to come back on TV. I don’t know who they’ll put against Anne Burell this time, but I will totally watch. Unlike Rachel and Guy’s celebrity cook off, which is kind of painful this year.

I’m in the slow process of seeking out play groups or moms groups or some kind of group to sign myself up to. I’m hesitating because a) I’m scared and b) I don’t fit nicely into any of the groups I can find. Most are for stay at home moms, which I’m not. And I hate the idea of trying to sneak in and pretend like I’m something other than what I am. The only working moms groups I could find meet late int he evenings or on weekends and that’s not really ideal either. But honestly, even if I did find the magical group that was just perfect, I’m not sure I’d go because I’m scared and awkward and making friends is hard. Incidentally, so is being lonely.

I got an Otterbox iPhone case for Christmas and while I love it, the bottom flap that covers the charging socket does not stay closed and it makes me crazy. I need to get it a little less rigid and see if it works better. In the meantime, it’s always getting caught on crap.

My first world problems are exhausting.

On that note, I’m going to pack the baby’s bottles of daycare tomorrow and get my work clothes picked out so I can fall into bed and hopefully get a few hours of sleep before the baby wakes. I hope you are all well and have a wonderful week!

Sunday Stream of Consciousness

It’s been a while since I’ve been around and relatively free on a Sunday, so I suppose now is as good of a time as any for a bit of a brain dump.

My husband is presenting at his department’s morbidity and mortality conference this week, and as the presenter he is responsible for bringing breakfast, so I spent most of today baking in preparation for that. It seems a little ass backwards that he both has to prepare his presentation and food, but it gave me a good excuse to try out a new zucchini bread recipe, so I’m not complaining.

I am, however, complaining that we had to abandon ship and go bake at my sister’s house because we have a massive ant infestation. The great irony in this is that our apartment is cleaner than it has ever been (disclosure, we have someone who comes every 2 weeks to vacuum, mop, dust and clean bathrooms. I realize I don’t work full time and am perfectly capable of cleaning my own apartment- the thing is, I’d rather spend the 2 hours that our lady spends cleaning, playing with my child. I do day-to-day stuff but she does a lot for us and I don’t want to take credit where it’s not due.) and though they are trying to get into my freezer, they never got into the pantry where there were open packages of crackers and cookies. They did get the trash and we just let them be for a little while because we preferred them there to in our food.

The exterminator is coming out to spray on Tuesday, but in order for them to spray we have to remove EVERYTHING from the cupboards and drawers and honestly, I want to pack up the kitchen and move. This is so incredibly frustrating. We are not the only building that has ants (several others are being sprayed this week) and I can’t help but think that if our apartment did prophylactic spraying instead of waiting until there’s a problem that maybe there wouldn’t be a problem. BIG HUGE HEAVING SIGH.

The word Grecian seems completely superfluous to me. I can’t really give a great explanation why, but I much prefer Greek to Grecian.

Last night Elijah slept from 8:45 to 6:45. In case you’re one of those people who likes labels, we can officially file that under sleeping through the night. And in case you’re keeping track, he’s 5 days shy of 8 months. The 8.5 hours of sleep, IN A ROW, that I got, are the most hours of sleep I’ve gotten (in a row or interrupted, I think), in about 8 months. It was magnificent. Seriously. I harbor no delusions of it happening again tonight because we screwed up his naps so mightily, but still, it was a really lovely treat. It was made all the sweeter since just a week ago my MIL was lecturing me about how I had to sleep train Eli or he’d still be waking up to eat until he was 5. Heh.

Today is epiphany, which means also today is King Cake day and just another occasion I’m sad to live so far from New Orleans.

We have our living room gated off now since Eli is mobile-ish (he is the most proficient backwards crawler ever) and it’s kind of awesome because when my cat is attacking Karma, we can kick him out and close the gate. And while he can get in, it takes him a solid 10 minutes to remember how (he’s not very smart, he spends the first 8 or so minutes, repeatedly running at the door, hoping it’ll open. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t) and by the time he gets in, he seems to forget he was doing something. It works far better than spraying him with the spray bottle and doesn’t result in anyone or thing being soaking wet.

Alright, I need to get all my stuff ready for work tomorrow. I hope you all had a wonderful holiday season and are ready to get back in the swing of things (if you’re lucky and haven’t already). Have a great week!

Sunday Stream of Consciousness

I hope everyone is recovering from a very nice Thanksgiving! We spent Thursday-Sunday in my hometown, splitting our time between my parents. We ate Thanksgiving dinner with my dad and step-mom’s family. We ate a second Thanksgiving dinner on Friday with my mom and her family. Saturday was family picture day (pictures to come, promise, so far we only have a handful), since my mom’s friend who used to work for a big portrait place offered to take pictures for us. Sunday was pack all the crap and get out of town.

Eli appears to have a cold, but I swear about 80% of the time I think he has a cold and he doesn’t. This time there is much snot, much snorting and some coughing. I also have a mild sore throat, so my guess is that it’s legitimate this time. My only worry is once again for my 1 month old niece, since I really don’t want her to get sick. If I had thought it was anything other than his normal morning congestion, I would’ve bowed out of some shared events, but as it was, Eli and my sister/my niece never came into direct contact, so hopefully we’ll keep our germs to ourselves this time.

Thanksgiving food is my absolute favorite. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, etc. It’s just one giant carbohydrate festival and I LOVE it.

Tomorrow I go meet with the clinic director of the peds place I’ll be working for. I’m unreasonably nervous, especially considering that she already gave me the job and she is about the nicest person ever. Starting new work is always scary, this more so since it’s someone I greatly admire and have long wanted to work for.

Elijah didn’t go to bed until 11pm on Thanksgiving, and then slept until 9, which was completely awesome. Then he went to bed at 10 on Friday and slept until 8. Then went to bed at 10 no Saturday and slept until 7:15 this morning. And then he took a 3 hour nap this afternoon, ending at 6pm, so it’s now 10:30 and he only went to bed 20 minutes ago. We have got to get his sleep back on schedule because it’s pushing my bedtime back and I am tired too. Not to mention, I hate that he’s going to get like 8 hours max tonight, when he really, really needs 10.

My husband has a conference in San Diego this weekend and I was planning on bringing Eli up and staying there for at least a few days, but I’m unsure now. It’ll depend highly upon how Eli is feeling, because I’m hesitant now, given the fact that it’s like 30 bucks a day to park there and 11 a day for internet. Plus it’s us being away from the comfort of home for more days, which is a bummer, especially since the conference goes until 9pm several of the days, so Eli wouldn’t really even get to see his dad.

Eli is alarmingly close to crawling. He pushes himself backwards while on his belly and several times this weekend, he tucked a leg up and started to propel himself forward. The end is near.

Alright, I’m keeping things a little short this week. I’m exhausted and need to get to bed. I hope you all are recovering from your holiday and that you have a nice week!

Sunday Stream of Consciousness

Sunday again. Before what will be a very, very long week. I’m working 8-5 Monday and Tuesday and 8-1 Wednesday, which I know, woe is me, most of you work full time and I’m a baby. I have only worked 3 days in a row once since Eli was born and I was completely beat, I’m hoping that these 3 days will go more smoothly. I have great respect for those of you who work full time and have kids, you are cut from a stronger cloth than I. (This is coming out a little but wrong. All I’m trying to say is that if you have kids and you work full time, I tip my hat to you, because I am a baby and working 3 days in a row kicks my pathetic ass.)

Thursday we’re heading to my hometown to have Thanksgiving dinner with my family. My husband sort of assumed he had Friday off, only he forgot to actually ask if he had Friday off, so he may be coming for dinner and then turning around and going home. Let’s hope not.

The crib transition continues to be a bit of a struggle. Before we moved him to his crib, Eli was getting up to eat between 3 and 4am, every night. It wasn’t bothersome, I was getting 5ish hours of sleep in a row and a few more after that, so it was no big deal. Since transitioning to the crib, he’s waking up between midnight and 1 every night. Maybe it’s just me, but, I find it WAY more difficult to get up after being asleep for 2 hours than after being asleep for 5. It has resulted in me being really frustrated and rage pumping at 1 in the morning for 5 nights in a row, so I’m hoping tonight will be the night he gets his sleeping groove back.

I got a video monitor (thanks mom) that I love so so so so much. I’ll be writing about it later this week most likely, in case anyone is interested.

On Saturday morning my husband got up with Eli, fed him, got him to nap and bought donuts, while I slept until 9 and showered. It was the longest stretch of sleep I’ve gotten in 6 months (8 hours) and it was INCREDIBLE. I believe this will be a weekly occurrence.

We’re doing family pictures the day after Thanksgiving and probably having Eli’s professional portraits done shortly thereafter. The problem is that a) they are unbelievably expensive or b) poor quality. We want good quality and a reasonable price, which apparently it inherently unreasonable. I’m definitely soliciting suggestions if any of you have them. We looked into Kiddie Kandids and are considering them, but we want digital copies and for the cost we can go to a fancy professional studio photographer.

I was honestly not planning on buying Chanukah/Christmas presents for Eli this year, which, maybe makes me a monster, but he is going to get SO many toys that it seemed unnecessary this year. But my husband is appalled at this, so he’s getting 7 small gifts and 1 large one for Chanukah. Which is right around the corner. Why so fast, time?

Alright, speaking of time, I need to go to bed. I hope you all have a great week and a great holiday!

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