Because I Can’t Even…

So, yesterday, a FB friend of mine posted a link to an article from the Onion, which for those who don’t know, is a satire website, it’s awesome. I didn’t read the piece, but I noticed that out of nowhere, someone made a relatively incoherent Obama rant. I made a snarky comment and went on my way. And then the woman came unraveled. I will admit that I probably should’ve stopped engaging her a long time ago, but my husband is out of town and I’m bored. I’m expecting to find out that I’ve been punked at any moment, but so far, nothing.

So here are the screen caps, unedited except for removing names and avatars. The woman is in red, everyone else is blacked out (there are 2-3 other people commenting). The only things not included are 2 graphics she posted that made zero sense (she really, really thinks she’s winning an argument) and added nothing to the conversation and one comment she deleted about my hair.

I feel like I’m having a David After the Dentist moment here. Is this real life? Also, let me warn you, before you start reading this, set aside a lot of time because not only is it lengthy, the grammar and spelling are also super awesome.

FB 1 edited

FB 2 edited

FB 3 edited

FB 4 edited

FB 5 edited

FB 6 edited

FB 7 edited

It’s probably wrong that I don’t want her to stop. I might need more hobbies, but watching people come unhinged is one of my favorites.

12 Responses to “Because I Can’t Even…”

  • Elinor:

    Wow! I don’t know what that was/is…


  • Holy shit balls.
    That woman is unhinged.


  • Kimybeee:

    I couldn’t even stand to read it. None of it made sense.


  • Kelli:

    Well…that escalated quickly.


  • Julie G.:

    Well isn’t that special. Doesn’t it scare the crap out of you that there are people so incredibly unhinged out there somewhere? This is a person without filters, who writes down every thought. I just hope he/she was exaggerating for the dramatic effect and isn’t going to go postal some day.


  • Anne:

    o.O i… just..i don’t know what to say about that…


  • Lex:


    ug! I feel for that poor woman. So much hate amirite? I mean you basically said she was uber racist bc the article wasnt about Obama. And since you think she is uber racist she decided to “open the sheeple’s minds” to the truth!

    So much truth. You should totally “kids her ass” but I dont quite know what it means.

    I def laughed a lot at this one.


  • Jen:

    Wait … ummmm … what? My brain hurts from trying to find logic in her comments.


  • purplebreath:

    It took me three attempts to get through it. Wow.


  • GreenInOC:

    Does anyone know where I can look up when President Obama made it illegal to use spell check or own a dictionary?


  • Chelsie:

    Sweet Christ. It’s like the Yahoo comments section mated with a collection of reject story ideas from Fox News and this is the offspring.

    And remember… these people can vote!


  • Tara:

    Holy. CRAP. At first I thought she was going off on a religious rant, but then she started making stuff up and swearing and WOW. Wow. You are lovely. Engaging with people like that is one of my favorite things to do. Really gets me going. :)


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