Baby Sex Predictions!

Our big anatomy ultrasound is in a week, which both feels like it has snuck up and also like it’s still a million years away. And I can honestly say, while I am so very excited to know, I absolutely could not care less about the sex of the baby. Truly. But I want to know noooooow.

When I was pregnant with Eli, I thought I wanted a girl. Not because I didn’t want a boy, but because I had grown up with girls. I had a sister, a half sister and 3 step sisters. My female cousins outnumbered the male ones 3:1. I just didn’t feel equipped to have a boy since I never really knew any young boys. And yet, now I find myself the very happy mother of one. And it’s funny because I kind of quickly adopted the boy mom mentality, and now I find it challenging to picture having a daughter. Again, not because I don’t want one, just because now, ironically, I don’t feel equipped to have one.

But, since day one of this pregnancy, I’ve felt strongly that this baby is a girl. I know every pregnancy is different, but the levels upon which this pregnancy differs from Eli’s only serves to convince me of that more and more. And so I thought it might be fun to do some of the old wives tales to predict the sex just to see how right/wrong they are.

I’ll start with the Chinese Gender Chart (which yes, should be sex not gender. But I didn’t make it, so I am not responsible for the name). Based on my due date and birth date the baby should be a boy. It correctly predicted that Eli was a boy.

Mayan prediction– the myth is that Mayans predicted gender by looking at the mother’s age at conception and the year of conception. If both are odd or even, it’s a girl. If they’re different, it’s a boy. I was 30 when I conceived this baby and the year was 2013, so boy. Just for fun, I was 28 when I conceived Eli and I got pregnant with him 2011, so he would also be predicted to be a boy.

Carrying height– the old wives tale is that if you’re carrying low, it’s a boy. If you’re carrying high, it’s a girl. I’m definitely carrying higher than I did with Eli, but still relatively low. I think this one is kind of a wash, but since it’s higher than I was carrying with Eli, I’ll put it under girl.

This is me with Eli at 18 weeks:
18 weeks

This is me now, at 17 weeks, 2 days (and let’s be real, I’m about 10-15 pounds heavier now than I was then, but a few months ago, my stomach was SIGNIFICANTLY less protrude-y than my boobs. Also, OMG I miss my body.):

Heart rate– Eli’s heart rate was consistently in the 160s throughout my pregnancy. This baby started in the 160s and has dropped to the 140s. If we’re going by same v. different, I’d predict girl, but per the old wives tale, it means a boy. So.

Cravings– the myth goes- sweet cravings are a boy, sour means girl. With Eli this was pretty true. I did have some sour cravings, but I also ate cinnamon rolls for breakfast every single day for almost 3 months, so I’d say sweet was more prevalent. This time, my sweet tooth has been super mild, in fact, I’ve not wanted to eat sweets a lot of the time. I’ve craved sour and other strong flavors- this week mostly goat cheese and balsamic vinegar. So I think this one goes to the girl category.

Morning sickness– the tale says that more morning sickness means a girl. In which case, I’d like to say that this is the girliest girl there has ever been. Because at 17 weeks, I’m still dry heaving every morning. It’s pure misery.

Skin– the myth is that if you’re breaking out, it’s a girl (because she’s “stealing your beauty”) and if you’re not, it’s a boy. I’m not glowing (unless you count the excessive sweating all damn day), but my face is totally clear. So again, boy. And my skin was similarly clear with Eli (to be fair, and so not to brag because I take absolute shit care of my skin, I have always had relatively clear skin and this is largely due to wonderful and entirely fortunate genetics. Please don’t hate me.)

The ring test– Tie a ring on a string and hold it above your belly. The tale says if it swings in a line it’s a boy, if it swings in a circle it’s a girl. I’m putting absolutely no stock in this test because it sounds completely ridiculous (because all the others make so much sense, I know), but also, I did it with my 8 dollar Target ring (my wedding ring does not fit right now) and on a necklace chain instead of a string. For what it’s worth, it swung in a line, so, boy.

Family predictions are overwhelmingly girl, with the sole exception of my dad who says boy. My grandfather, who predicted that Eli was a boy from the very start also says girl, with great confidence.

The final tally is, girl 4, boy 5. Interesting. The same tests would’ve favored boy 7 to 1 with Eli (didn’t do the scientific ring test with Eli, tragically), so it’s definitely interesting.

Regardless of the outcome, I’m so ready to know. Guesses?

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  • monstergirlee:

    Not sure what my guess is but my husband I didn’t find out the gender with either kid, and with the first I had no feeling one way or the other. Tho I really really really wanted a boy. Which we had – yay!
    With my second tho, about 19 or 20 weeks, I started feeing very strongly in my heart that I was carrying a girl. Since I’d already had a boy my head was predicting another boy, but my heart knew she was a girl. The pregnancies were very different too. And I confess that we didn’t really do any of those common prediction tests.
    So, I say your heart wins. Whatever your heart is feeling, that’s what you’re having.


  • Both my pregnancies were dramatically different. (Healthy as a horse with #1, every chronic health issue announced its presence with authori-tay with #2) and I had two boys.

    Carried different, craved Cinnabon with the first, and seafood with the second.

    As the mom of two boys, though, I can say that I love having two of the same gender and hope the same happens for you. Just because that’s what I know. I’d be a lousy girl mom…


  • Hmmm. Many of these tests would’ve said Jenna was a boy! Ha! Mayan test, the fact that her heart rate was high, I had totally clear skin, craved sweets, had no morning sickness, and family predicted BOY largely based in “the way I was carrying.” I really, really “felt” like it was a girl, though, although I’m guessing that scientifically, that one doesn’t prove too reliable either. I probably just happened to match up.

    I’m going to guess you’re carrying a girl, but you should know that my success rate with guessing is very low – LOL.

    I also have to say that I love that it looks like you’re wearing a triangle hat in the second photo. Because I’m a weirdo, obviously. I also also have to say that I think you look glowing and lovely! You’re rocking the pregnancy thing, in spite of the morning sickness & feeling BLECH.


  • Melissa:

    I have a 4 yo, a 1 yo and am 24 weeks pregnant – all girls. With the Chinese method, the last one should have been a boy. With the Mayan method, the middle should have been a boy. I don’t really know how I carried. I puked forever w/1 and 3. I wanted sweets with the first two. I had perfect skin with all three.

    This is what I find most interesting:with my first, I had a vivid dream on my birthday where I talked to the first baby and said all I wanted was to know – boy or girl and she said girl! (Correct)
    With my second I had a vivid dream I was handedly boy. On our way to the u/s, I had Chinese food and the horrible said “A pleasant surprise awaits you.” Girl! With my 3rd, I had a vivid dream of three girls playing in the park. GIRL! Crazy, no?

    Anyway, I had a lot of fun looking at the predictions in retrospect. Thanks!


  • Melinda:

    My guess for you is boy!!!
    I think all of the sex predictions were half and half for boy and girl (didn’t do the Mayan one, which would have been girl)
    I did have a girl. Thing is, my year and age will always match, whereas most people will either have matching numbers all the time or different numbers all the time. Hehe.
    I knew in my heart she was a girl. (I also was pretty sure my first was a boy but I never got to find out)
    And all of my SIL’s said girl too.
    I did have morning sickness but never threw up.
    I had TERRIBLE skin.
    I craved chocolate cookies and cheeseburgers equally but had an aversion to ANYTHING with vinegar. Pickles, hot wings etc.
    I actually asked the ultrasound tech which of the wives tales she thought were more accurate, and if I remember correctly she said the heart rate one was more accurate than most, but still not enough to put any actual stock into it.


  • kay:

    look up the hair line test it has been right for every one it looks at your current kids hair line at the neck and predicts the next sex. its interesting. how fun I say girl.


  • I have no opinion on the sex of the baby, but you look fantastic! Your hair looks awesome like that, and your bump is just gorgeous. Congratulations to you and Slappy once again.


  • Jodi:

    The above link is to the Draino test! The doctor (the one that’s also your hubs) may need to help! Worked for my BFF’s four kids, 12 nieces & nephews, five great nieces/nephews & two granddaughters!



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