Customizable Posters for Kids and Families (Sponsored + Coupon Code!)

When we chose the theme for Eli’s room, we were interested in ease. All the products could be bought in one place, they were all matching and it was pretty simple to put it all together. But for a while, I’ve felt like something was missing. Like the room was too impersonal, even with his name hanging on the wall. So when I got an email a few months back with some really great kids posters, I was hoping that we’d found the personal touch we needed.

After toiling for a while over all the prints, I narrowed them down to 10 I liked (because I’m good at things) and then sent the link to my husband. Thankfully, and surprisingly, he really liked two of the 10 I’d picked out as well.

print 1

print 2

We both loved the first one because the line reminded us of the book Oh the Places You’ll Go by Dr. Seuss, which was also the theme of Eli’s birthday party. But at the same time, we loved the map because it allowed us to remember our travels with Eli and it worked really nicely with the pirate theme in his room (pirates, maps, you know).

Ultimately we decided upon the map with a bit of a compromise. Because the posters are customizable, we were able to take what we liked from the first poster and integrate it into the second one. So instead of just a map, it’s a little reminder of the book we love so much. Take a look for yourself.



We still have a lot of country yet to explore with Eli and we love that the print acts as a beautiful decoration as well as a fun reminder of the places we’ve visited. We also went ahead and printed the date of our travels on each sticker so that we’d always know when we went to each place with our boy.

We really couldn’t be happier with the quality of the print, the ease of ordering or the stickers provided. We were easily able to find a frame to protect it so that we can keep it for a long time to come.

(Please excuse the horrible lighting in the room. This is the curse of the blackout shades and lack of overhead lighting.)

We are excited to find out the sex of our next baby and will definitely be using this company to help decorate their nursery. We love the colors, the fact that the prints are eco-friendly and that they are a unique touch to a room. I think it was exactly what was missing from Eli’s room and we can’t wait to find ways to incorporate it into his room as he grows and the themes evolve.

The people at Children Inspire Design have offered you all a coupon to get your own posters at 25% off. To order your own Children Inspire Design customizable print, visit the Children Inspire Design website and at check out from their shop enter the code BRAIN25 for 25% off your order. The code will expire in a week (February 11th), so go shop now while you can get these gorgeous prints on sale!

Disclosure: I was given our print for free, but was not compensated in any way for this post. My opinions here are completely mine and are not influenced by anyone or anything else. Pinkie swear. If it was me, I would unquestionably buy this print again with my own money. Especially at 25% off. Just saying.

3 Responses to “Customizable Posters for Kids and Families (Sponsored + Coupon Code!)”

  • Rachel:

    Coupon code didn’t work for me :-(


    Katie Reply:

    @Rachel, So sorry about that. They issued a new code and the post has been updated with the new working one. Sorry again!


  • Cute! We have a print similar to the first one you shared. It says “Let Her Sleep For When She Wakes She Will Move Mountains.” I still have a spot to fill on her gallery wall, though, so I’ll definitely check out that site. :)


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