Things to Come

There are rules about when you tell various people your secrets. Usually you start with your family, the closest members first. And gradually spread out from there. And typically “strangers” are the last to know. But I’m going to break the rules. Partially because I’m a terrible secret keeper, partially because this is a blog about my life and this is about all that’s going on in my life and partially because the internet is a tremendous support system for me, so I feel like I will benefit from it.

So, since I’m not really sure how much longer I can beat around the bush here, I’ll just come out with it. I’m pregnant.

I’m not very far along (about 8 weeks), but we had our first appointment today, saw the little tiny baby and it’s adorable flickering heartbeat and well, it’s feeling very real, if early and small, right now.

Truthfully, it’s been real for a while since this baby has been kicking my butt 8 ways to Sunday. The fatigue set in surprisingly early and is much worse than it was with Eli. I was nearly convinced that there was more than one baby in there because napping almost daily and going to bed early isn’t even enough to manage the fatigue. And the nausea has been much worse this go around, though thankfully it’s only been here for a week or so. As a non-puker, throwing up a whole Zofran last week was a real low point for me. My doctor gave me a stronger prescription for the nausea today, so I’m hopeful that I can get it under control soon.

Besides tired and pukey, we are very, very excited. This was very much a planned baby and we are so excited to see Eli as a big brother and for our family to grow. We love being parents and cannot wait to welcome another baby into our home (well, our next home, at least), I can’t even tell you how over the moon we are. Though August is a long way away, we are so looking forward to the coming months and all the changes heading our way.

I think that’s about it. I guess there’s really no denying that this really is a mommy blog now. But from where I stand (okay fine, sit), that’s a pretty great thing.

p.s. We are not going to post this on our private facebook pages until a bit longer, so if you happen to know us in real life, please please please keep it under wraps until we decide we’re ready for everyone to know. Thanks!

p.p.s. I hate to even go here, but because it will inevitably come up, let me just say that this was a decision that was made with full support of my mental health team and everyone there was totally on board with our plan. My OB is totally fine with the medication I’m taking and everything is going swimmingly in the mental and physical health arenas.

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