This is a (Long) Catch Up Post

So, I realized I have left several things hanging and others completely unmentioned. Things have been indescribably busy for us lately, but I finally have an evening without an agenda, so I’m going to do a little catch up.

First, the New York/So Cal thing finally got handled, but it took weeks. Weeks and ignored emails and a lot of stress. New York was able to get the other candidate to sign a contract and released my husband. Obnoxiously, they made him send an email requesting to be released from his contract (that didn’t exist) before they would formally let him off the hook. Like, they called him and said, we have our fellow, you’re good to go elsewhere, but you need to email us and ask to be released. It was the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen. But whatever, we get to stay in California, so the email was not a big deal. We are very happy.


After Thanksgiving, we came home from my hometown and had like 2.5 normal days before packing up and flying across the country to Washington D.C. It wasn’t Eli’s first flight, but it was his first since he was 4 months old and more than a little cuddle bug that I could put to sleep by stroking his eyebrows like a kitten. We intentionally did not get direct flights for 2 reasons: they’re way too expensive and we wanted Eli to have time between flights to get out of his car seat and burn some energy.


So, the way there, our first flight ended up having to circle the airport and then sat on the tarmac for 40 minutes of the 45 minute layover we had. So we had to run, with our carry-ons and Eli’s car seat, and Eli, who just wanted to pull his little penguin bag, to the next gate, bump someone out of their window seat, rapidly install the car seat and the child who didn’t want to get back in it so quickly, so that everyone else could get to DC on time. I ended up sitting between Eli and a 4 year old the whole way, while my husband sat 17 rows ahead. To his credit, Eli was an absolute champ and we made it to DC without any significant drama.


The hotel was lovely, and DC was everything I hoped it would be. I haven’t been since I was 7 and I only have very vague memories of the bureau of printing and engraving (I got a 2 dollar bill!) and of the national zoo (I got stung by a wasp!) and of it being really, really hot. So it was nice to go back as an adult, and an American history lover, and get to see all the things there are to offer. And it snowed, which was just icing on the cake. We went to all the Smithsonians (well, maybe not all, but a lot), the Zoo, the national mall, walked by the White House, saw the Christmas tree and had a great time. It was unbelievably cold for a big part of our trip and rained for another big part, but it didn’t dampen the fun.




The flight home was…less fun. We were flying into a headwind, so our nearly hour layover was cut to 15 minutes, the guy sitting in front of Eli kept slamming his back into his seat, which then jiggled Eli’s car seat and so instead of a good solid nap, Eli napped for like an hour and 45 minutes and then the second flight took us waaaaay past bedtime and he basically came unraveled at the end. It was ugly. But we’re home.

And sick. Again. Eli came down with a horrible ear infection (the pediatrician referred to it as “raging”) the day before Thanksgiving and was put on very, very strong antibiotics, which even a week after finishing are still wrecking his little insides. On Friday, he was suddenly all snotty again. And more so on Saturday. Sunday he woke up with his eyes glued shut. And today, when we went to the pediatrician, it was discovered that in addition pink eye, he also has a double ear infection. And since the antibiotics he was just on were the strongest oral ones available, the only treatment option for now is a shot in each thigh once a day for 3 days. And they are big honking needles and oh it was sad. I do not want to take him back tomorrow, but I know it’s what’s best.


So, that’s about everything. Eli took a nearly 5 hour nap today and seems on the mend. My husband and I have both come down with the cold and as I type this I have tissue stuffed up my nose because I can’t blow or wipe it anymore and I’ll be sleeping on the couch to prevent my face from exploding. I’m really hopeful that this is the end of our winter illness dog pile, mostly because I’m in denial, but also because we’re all running out of sick days pretty rapidly.

Also, we visited Santa. It was the best $15 anyone has ever spent.


I think we’re caught up now.

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  • Jen:

    I saw on Twitter that you were a step away from tubes. I know every child and every situation is different, but tubes were the absolute best thing we could have done for our little guy. I was terrified of it, but he literally went from months and months of near-constant sickness to a nearly 6-month stretch without so much as a cough or a cold. It was amazing (once we got past the whole waking up from anesthesia part, of course — that’s the worst)!


  • Jamie:

    I feel bad for Santa’s. I hope that they get as many happy kids as they do no-so-happy ones, lol.


  • Issa:

    BEST SANTA PHOTO EVER! We went two weekends ago and the woman behind me had both of hers screaming and she wasn’t going to buy the photo. I told her to do it anyway. One day, you’ll be cracking up. I promise. I swear I’d of bought it for her if she hadn’t agreed. My girls LOVE their screaming Santa photo now.

    Eli is just the cutest little thing Katie. I hope he gets feeling better soon.


  • I adore the Santa photo!


  • So exciting that you get to stay in CA! Glad you got to see the snow in DC. We have had plenty of it in NJ! THe tree is beautiful, thanks for sharing it! I really need to get there with my boys soon.

    Sorry to hear that Eli has to get shots for his ear infection. My boys luckily don’t get them (unless I just jinxed myself but I really think Juice Plus and Vitamin D3 has helped keep them healthier). I am hoping he is on a good probiotic during and for a few weeks after his antibiotics. It’s important to try to restore his gut health.

    Here is a natural product that I haven’t tried but have heard lots of moms rave about…can’t hurt to try since it goes in the ear and helps prevent ear infections. You never know!

    Your Santa picture should totally be on the Ellen show!! It is great!



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