So last month I wrote about my husband’s fellowship journey and the opportunities ahead of us. Last Thursday he interviewed at a program in Buffalo, New York, one that has been pursuing him for some time. He was a little hesitant about the program because it doesn’t have the name recognition that some other programs have, but they were very interested in him, so he went ahead and interviewed. And when he called me on Thursday I could tell that his tune had changed. He liked the people, they were welcoming, he liked the program, he felt very comfortable there and they were talking like they were going to offer him the position.

And Saturday morning, they did. With a 5 day time limit to accept.

So at that point he had some decisions to make. We had some decisions to make. There were still 2 programs he had interviewed at that he had not heard back from and both are considered more prestigious, so he went to those programs first. One replied and said they didn’t get the funding for the position and the other, the one southern California program we had put a lot of hope in, didn’t get back to him. This shouldn’t be surprising since he’s sent 3 emails in the past 3 months and hasn’t received any replies, but it’s still frustrating nevertheless.

We had a good talk and ultimately the decision was not that difficult. The program in Buffalo had everything he was looking for, and even more, they wanted him there. He liked it. It was a nice city, the people were lovely and basically the only hold up was the idea of packing us up and moving across the country. And the more we talked the more we realized that it wasn’t really that big of a hold up. Moving somewhere new for a year feels a bit like an adventure and we like snow. We can do anything for a year, even lake effect snow (at some point someone is going to have to explain to me what that means).

So, he accepted the offer at Buffalo and in June we’ll be packing up and moving across the country. I am mostly excited, though I definitely have intermittent moments of anxiety. My only real concern is moving Eli away from his cousin Addie because they are such adorable playmates (and because I’ll miss seeing my sister, too) and I hate to do anything to that relationship. But logically I know they’re both too little to remember this time in their life and really this is the perfect time to do it.

So now I know. Which is a big relief for all of us and now we can begin to plan the next phase. It’s an adventure and while there are still a lot of unknowns ahead, it’s an adventure I’m really looking forward to taking.

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  • monstergirlee:

    I’m really excited for you all!
    Honeslty, I wish hubby and I have moved to SF for a year or so when we had the chance, with no kids, no real bills, but some how inertia was too hard to overcome. Young and dumb we were.

    It’s going to be such a neat adventure! Yay!


  • We’re moving next summer, too, though I don’t know where yet (PhD program in one of 14 places) so I understand the worries about moving but I also understand seeing it as an adventure.

    I hope you have a wonderful time!


  • A big move is scary but it will be such a special time for the 3 of you. Lots of luck to a smooth transition to all of you!


  • Jules G.:

    Welcome to New York! I’m a Syracuse native (living in Pittsburgh now), and I can promise that you’ll quickly learn the difference between ‘regular’ snow and ‘lake effect’ snow. (Not to mention the difference between snow flurries, snow showers, snow storms, and blizzards!) I travel through Buffalo frequently when I visit my home town, and I know from colleagues and acquaintances that Buffalo is a tight-knit community with a diverse population. Enjoy your year there! Go Bills!


  • akl:

    yah for NY! I’m out in Albany, which is a few hours east, but I welcome you to the upstate New York club! It does get quite a bit colder around these parts than what I suspect you’re used to, but with that comes all sorts of fun winter activities! Good luck and Congratulations!


  • Tia:

    I lived in Rochester for 5 years for school. Lake effect means a crap ton of snow! Like 100 inches per year, with snow on the ground 6 months out of the year. I couldn’t get out of there fast enough! Buffalo is a very blue collar town, but the people are nice and it has much more of a mid-west feel than a NY feel.


  • Please don’t let Eli become a Bills fan!

    Your bank account will LOVE living in Buffalo, especially compared to LA! You will have to file state taxes at year end though, so thats a bummer!

    Orchard Park is a nice place to live…so is West Seneca.

    All around Wegmans is a better grocery store, but it’s more expensive. They just got their first Trader Joe’s a few weeks ago. Tops has the BEST bakery department!


  • Gretchen:

    So funny! Just stumbled upon you while researching car seats. I’m a PTA transplant in Arizona from Buffalo, NY. When I saw that the car seat reviewer was a PT I knew I was in the right place and then decided to checkout your blog. LOL! Lake effect snow is snow generated from winds traveling over the lake. The vapor is derived from the lakes not atmosphere. I love snow too! I think you guys will have a great time. Buffalo people are the best and the food is amazing. You may find on your last flight leg into Buffalo that half the plane passengers know one another and are warmly greeting one another. I miss that. The Buffalo that I know is very warm and homey. I’m glad I stumbled upon you. :)


  • Congrats!

    Two of my sisters lived in Buffalo for a few years (one because her friends went to college there and she stayed, the other to go to SUNY Buffalo). I visited a few times.

    It is a fun city, with lots to do. They have snow removal down to a science (there was 2 feet on the ground the first time I flew up there, and the airport was operating business as usual).

    Enjoy the adventure!


  • Oh, and second the WEGMANS! Worth the extra $$ to shop there, I miss it so much.


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