Sunday Stream of Consciousness

Oh right, I blog. I remember now.

Things are in full swing preparing for Eli’s first birthday, which is in 6 days. I absolutely cannot believe that he will be one in 6 days. One year ago I was a grumbling, whining, miserable mess because it was my due date and there was no sign of labor and no baby and I was 100000 pounds (read: 15 more than I am right now) and did I mention miserable?

And now, I have a baby who is almost not a baby anymore. Today he got his first haircut, which he desperately needed. He has said his first word (dog, which, I can’t even with that). He’s not terribly close to walking, but he crawls and cruises and is just the happiest baby ever.

A year ago I didn’t have a baby, and now I barely have one. This has been such an incredible year, but it has FLOWN.

On Friday we’re having Eli’s 1 year pictures taken. I am looking forward to it, though I know it’s going to be a big production the night before a big production, so I’m sort of pre-emptively tired. We were able to schedule Eli and my niece Addie’s pictures back to back so that we can also do a couple of pictures of them together, for which I bought possibly the most ridiculous outfit of all time. Pretty excited about that part.

After dinner tonight, Eli broke out in a rash on his chest and the eczema on his cheeks flared up big time. The only newish thing he had was mango, which he’s had (I think) 2 other times. And tonight he only took a very small bite, so I’m a little concerned about that. It’s definitely something I’ll bring up at the 1 year check up that is in 8 days. Because my baby will be 1 in 6 days.

Also in 6 days, I get to quit pumping. And oh my God I’m so so so happy.

Speaking of appointments, we have our follow up visit with the neurosurgeon tomorrow. Though Eli thankfully didn’t have surgery following his fall/brain bleed, he was admitted to the neurosurgical team and so that’s who we’re following up with. He’s had very few issues since coming home from the hospital, but I have a few little concerns that hopefully we’ll be able to address tomorrow. I don’t think we’ll need any future follow ups and for that I am immeasurably grateful.

I bought a bag of “Belly Flops” (reject Jelly Bellies) and there were several that I swear to God were Tabasco flavored. I wanted to die.

The situation with Eli and the cats has reached a bit of an apex. Eli firmly believes that the kitties are his best friends ever, but the kitties believe he is the worst thing ever. And so basically there is a constant battle of Eli wanting to “pet” (read: assault) the cats and catch their tails, and the cats wanting to kill the baby. Currently Eli has bite marks on his face (ON HIS FACE) from my cat, and despite this, he is not deterred. Hell, he didn’t even cry when it happened. He squealed and went right back for the tail. I feel like I am running constant interference between the baby and the cats and neither of them are learning anything.

6 days. Let’s get this week started.

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  • Anne:

    RE: the cat thing, my son is 4 and still hasn’t learned. good luck. my older cat has gotten better at hiding. We tell our son to leave the cats alone and run interference, but if my son isn’t going to listen and the cats lash out, well, my son deserves it and doesn’t normally get too much sympathy from me.. after all it’s been going on for four years now.. you’d think he’d get a clue, right? the only time I relent on the sympathy is if it’s a head/face wound. those freak me out.

    and OMG a year? ack. can’t wait to see his pictures :)


  • Mango is a cousin of poison ivy. They boith contain urushoil. See


    Katie Reply:

    @TheQueen, Good to know! Thanks for the info!


  • mommabird2345:

    His birthday already? Time needs to slow down!!


  • Hi Katie!

    Tiffany Romero told me about your blog a couple of weeks ago. I think you’re amazing. I also began my blog as a recovery tool from a “brain thing” myself. In February of last year, I had emergency brain stem surgery for a cavernous malformation that was found in my brain stem. I think it’s incredible of you to share your experiences. I can’t wait to go back and read more of your blog. I love to see what your blog has turned in to. =)

    Happy to be following such an inspiring blogger!

    – Christine


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