Sunday Stream of Consciousness

I know I haven’t worked since Friday afternoon, but I have no idea where the past 2 days went. It seems like the time has flown at an unnatural speed.

Saturday all 3 of us participated in the Orange County/Inland Empire Muscular Dystrophy Association muscle walk. It was a 5K that raised money for MD research as well as the MDA camps that take place during the summer. My husband worked at the camp last summer and they asked if he would return and if I could join him this year. They’ve even agreed to let us bring the baby, as long as he’s healthy, since there are some significant concerns with respiratory health for a lot of these kids. I’m very, very excited.

As I type this, there’s a Lifetime movie on in the background and I’m about 90% sure one woman is poisoning another. The poisoner is pregnant, naturally.

Tomorrow Eli and I are headed down to go to the zoo with my sister and niece. It’s not a horrible drive for me and since we have a year pass, it’s free. Hopefully traffic (now with my new! fasttrack pass!) won’t be bad either way and the baby will take a couple decent car naps.

This afternoon/evening, I fell down the rabbit hole of convertible car seat research. And wow. Just wow. There are many different varieties. They’re all tested to insure safety, they all come in a myriad of colors and sizes and styles and prices and we are never going to pick. Eli still has 4 inches and, uh, 18 pounds, to go in his current car seat (I’m relatively confident he’ll get too tall first), so it’s time to start looking. Obnoxiously, we’ll need 2 seats since my husband and I often trade off daycare drop off and installing these seats is a huge hassle. I am soliciting convertible car seat suggestions.

It’s strange that I now think about the baby’s length as height. I keep saying he’s tall, where before he was long. I suppose this is what happens when your baby starts standing.

My thumb is giving me a ton of trouble right now. I didn’t injure it, but I’m thinking it’s an overuse thing from work. I have very mobile finger/thumb joints, so I’m at an increased risk for screwing them up and this is a nice (if a little excessively painful) wake up call to start being more aware when I work. For now, I’ll be icing icing icing.

Today Eli ate well (like the most he’s eaten in WEEKS), slept pretty well and played hard. I’m hoping that tonight is finally the night his sleep normalizes a bit. We have had at least 2 wake ups a night every night except 2 for the past 5 weeks. I am so tired. And I have to get up once to pump at night or my milk supply suffers greatly.

Speaking of sleep, it’s time to head that way. I hope you all have a wonderful week!

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  • We used the Evenflo Triumph 65 LX (well, just the LX, the 65 is the newer version) as a convertible and a Britax Frontier 85 as a 5pt booster.

    I don’t have time to look right now, but you’re going to need to make the decision about whether or not you’re going to forward or rear face until 2 (this is also new since she was born, 6), while keeping in mind that he’s tall. A was a very tall baby and outgrew the Triumph long before the 65lbs.

    You could probably get away with one of the Britax Boulevard car seats for awhile.

    Your biggest thing is going to be the maximum heights for rear facing.

    Check Amazon for the best prices on Britax btw.


    Katie Reply:

    @InDueTime, Our plan is to rear face until he outgrows whatever rear facing seat he’s in, so basically, as long as possible. We need one that will let us rear face for a while, but without a shell that’s so tall that I can’t see out my back window. SIGH.


  • We purchased the Evenflo Triumph 65 as well, and they fit rear-facing in our Fit (which I know you also have). The Britax also fit rear-facing in a Fit, but are pricier. We tried the Diono Radian, which are super cool, if heavy. They fit, and are super narrow, but are super pricey. They’re rated to 100 or 120 lbs, so they turn into boosters, effectively, and are the last car seats you’ll need to buy.

    I over-researched convertible car seats till my eyes bugged out, deciding, then wavering, then deciding again. Finally, there was a Cyber Monday deal on the Evenflo, so we high-tailed it to Babies R Us with my iPad showing the discounted price, and bit the bullet (buying four! Ouch! Twins!). But it was a huge relief to have it done, and the kids are so much more comfortable (looking) in their “big-kid” seats.


    Katie Reply:

    @Mrs. Apron, Dude. You drive a fit? Are we the same person? (Minus that extra baby, because God obviously knew you could handle more at once than me.)


    Mrs. Apron Reply:

    @Katie, Dude, basically. You’re my West Coast doppelganger.


  • Feels weird to say this, as you’re the expert-but if your joints are that flexible, you might consider a CMC restriction splint like this

    Too many go rounds in surgery and PT for my lovely wrists (deQuervain’s, carpal tunnel, bone spurs, and a hellacious fracture of the radius, ulna and malunion of those little bones) Even with living south and not having pain all winter, the CMC splint comes out whenever I know I’m going to be working the thumb too much.

    Hope you’re enjoying the zoo!


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