Sunday Stream of Consciousness

Oh right, I have a blog. I don’t even really know what happened to the end of last week, life and blog-wise. It was a strange, busy week, but the next few are looking like they’ll be much mellower, which is really nice.

I love the show Bones. Love it. But this season they have gotten really lazy with medical facts (like, non-complex ones that would only take a tiny moment on Google) and a little too gimmicky. I really dislike the out of body episodes, and the from the perspective of the dead person episodes. Just solve murders with good character and dialogue. Don’t “fix” what isn’t broken.

I started, very loosely, planning Eli’s 1st birthday party and I am halfway between excited and so very sad. My baby is growing so fast. I know every mother says that, but I always thought it was just one of those things that people say because it never seemed to me like anyone was aging particularly quickly. But here I am. Soon he won’t be a baby anymore and I just am immeasurably wistful about it.

When we first got Jacques-Imo, he was completely convinced that Karma was his best! friend! Karma, did not agree and she expressed this with violence. Now that Eli is mobile, he thinks that the kitties are his best! friends! and holy crap that kid is going to get hurt soon. Right now Shmo just bops him on the head a lot, though he has tried to bite Eli’s head a few times. Karma on the other hand, who will totally cut a bitch for looking at her wrong, almost bit Eli in a big way tonight after a tail pull. Thankfully I was right there and able to play interference.

Eli ate a strawberry tonight. And didn’t choke! He absolutely refused to hold it himself, but he liked it a whole lot. We’ll try again tomorrow (both for practice and for allergy testing), but we may have found another food he’ll eat not pureed (bringing the total to, uh, 2?)

Tomorrow I have a job interview for a job I don’t really want. It’s a complicated situation, but I’m not super excited about getting up at the crack of dawn, taking Eli to daycare and driving across town to interview when, unless they’re incredibly flexible and only want me to work for 12 hours a week (and no Saturdays), there’s no chance I’m going to take the job they’re offering. Please don’t misunderstand me, I realize how lucky I am to be offered it, I understand how scarce work is, it’s just a complex situation. I’m going to hear them out anyway and perhaps it will work out, but I’m not anticipating much. Also, the whole thing has to be handled diplomatically, because even if I don’t take the job offer, I will be periodically working at that clinic for a while to come.

I’m reading Gone Girl right now, thanks to your suggestions last week, and enjoying it a lot so far. I now have a list of what I’ll be reading for weeks to come and I’m pretty excited for it. It’s nice that Eli’s at a stage where he sleeps predictably (time wise, not location wise) and I can get a few stretches of “me” time during the day to do things like read and blog and all that.

Alright, I’m off to finish this episode of Bones, pick out clothes for this interview and then go to bed. Have a great week!

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  • Tia:

    Ooh, I’m curious to hear what you think of Gone Girl when you’re done. I just finished it last week. Loved the book, didn’t love the ending.


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