Elijah: Month Nine


Today you are 9 months old. NINE MONTHS OLD. I’m sure this doesn’t feel terribly significant to you and you won’t understand fractions for some time to come, but that’s 3/4 of a year. Your birthday is in 3 months. I just cannot believe it.


This month has been fantastic. I would say without hesitation that it has been my favorite month. You were healthy almost the entire time, save for the first few days where you were getting over the post Christmas funk you got, and it returned you to that easy going baby I knew months and months ago. You learned to crawl on January 26 and then you pulled to stand by yourself on January 27. You are mobile and oh my goodness does it ever make you happier.



You decided to skip army crawling all together and went straight for the hands and knees business. You still struggle a little bit with the crawling to sitting transition, not like losing your balance, but you can’t get to sitting without backing up several feet, leaving you constantly a few feet from the toys you were planning to play with. You still refuse to roll to your right even though I am completely confident that you are capable of doing it. I just hope your future spouse doesn’t ever want you to face towards/away from them in bed because you’ll both be screwed.


Speaking of sleep, that has really been the low point of this month, though, I’m told that this is totally normal and to be expected and well, it still isn’t my very favorite. The night you learned you crawl, you also learned to stop sleeping. So for the past two weeks, every night except for one, you’ve gotten up at least twice a night. We’ve also been trying to get you back into your crib since you’re healthy and you are just not having it. You like your bunny bed and have zero desire to make any kind of change there. I’m not pushing it too hard because it’s just a battle I don’t want to have and because you are stronger than I am at the crying, so I’m not sure if you’ll ever not be in that little bed.


You learned to wave on February 1st, but most of the time, if someone waves at you, instead of just waving back, you wave toward yourself whilst flicking your lips so you make the most adorable noise and oh son, I just love it. Sometimes you’ll do a legitimate wave, but those are rare. I am not pushing for real waving, I find the waving/lip flicking to be the cutest thing ever and sort of hope you never ever stop.

You were supposed to have your first trip to the snow this weekend, but unfortunately, circumstances beyond our control made that not a safe possibility. Instead, we went to the horse races which you were pretty unimpressed by and on your first Disneyland trip. At Disneyland you wavered between WAY overwhelmed, amused and exhausted. But you were entirely adorable the whole day and got fawned on by a lot of strangers. I can’t wait to take you back when you’re a little older and can enjoy more of it.



Your likes this month include: laundry piles (this is my favorite and hilarious), baskets, blinds, cabinets, crawling, dad, mom, facial hair, glasses, Aunt Claire, bottles, pups (pacifiers), the kitties, kitty tails, stuffed animals of any variety, pears and apples with minute amounts of veggies mixed in, puffs, corndogs and churros.


Your dislikes this month include: getting buckled into the carseat, getting dressed after the bath (this results in a fit every single night), your crib, when we leave the room, when dad comes home and doesn’t IMMEDIATELY pick you up, when we lock the cats out of your gated community, real pieces of broccoli, carrots, apple and virtually every other solid food. (Also, you are the prettiest fake crier…)


This month has been such an absolute joy to watch you. I know I say it each month, but you are growing right before my very eyes. Each time I see you master a new skill I am practically overcome with this mix of sadness because my baby is growing and pride because you have gone from this lump of baby to this mobile, agile little person, learning and trying new things every day. I see you watching us, learning from us and I see us learning from you too. I see how sometimes you are incredibly thoughtful and other times you just go for things, even when ill advised (see: pulling to stand on your swing), which is a thing your father and I could do more of.


You are not a snuggly baby, which is a little sad because I guess I had an illusion of snuggles in the mornings, but what you lack in snuggles you more than make up for with exuberance. You love things passionately and urgently. Sometimes when you see us or see something you want you can barely stand waiting for it. You wiggle and bounce and often tip over from your excitement. And when you get what you wanted you are just delighted. You squeak and squeal and oh son, it’s just adorable. You give us hugs and kisses (moist, moist kisses) and you burrow your face into our chests, but only for a second because any longer and you might miss something around you.


Getting to stay home with you (part time) has been among my greatest joys and luxuries. You make the most boring days brighter because you find joy in everything, excitement in the every day stuff that as an adult, I have learned to overlook. You bring so many levels of happiness into my life that I’ll often find myself excited and when I try to pin down the source of my excitement, I can’t, because it’s just about life. I feel like the absolute best version of myself when I’m with you and I miss you tremendously on the days I work. You are my very favorite thing in this entire world.


One of your dad’s coworkers commented that they enjoy working with your dad so much more since you came along because you have changed him. He’s softer now, still the same excitable guy, but in a way he’s gentler, more patient, more attentive to everything. He is your number one cheerleader and you could hardly adore him more if you had to. I love watching the two of you together, the combination of which is the two biggest parts of my heart, dancing together in perfect harmony. The love I feel for the both of you is beyond words, beyond anything I ever thought I could know or feel. This little family makes me happier and more at home than anything has before and I realize each day how blessed I am to have you both.


Happy 9 months, Eli. We love you and can’t wait to see what next month brings.


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