Sunday Stream of Consciousness

This weekend has disappeared. Like, poof. We spent most of Saturday at Heather’s house for Annie’s 3rd birthday (okay, we spent most of the time in the car not at her house, because she lives faaaaaar), and then today we spent with my dad, step-mom, sister, brother-in-law, niece and grandma.

Blessedly, Eli is healthy for the first time since Thanksgiving. He has a tiny little lingering cough, but that’s all. And I fully expect to be eating these words within a few days, but we are trying to savor his happiness, right in between bouts of stranger and separation anxiety because apparently 8 months is when he inherited my anxiety issues. I have to say, I am ill prepared for this. I kinda thought things got easier as babies got older but I think perhaps I was completely wrong.

I am beyond displeased with how this season’s NFL has shaken out. I dislike all the teams who played today and while I’m glad Baltimore won since they are the lesser of all evils, I’m so unhappy that the 49ers are in the Super Bowl. I loathe the 49ers. Loathe them. And I strongly dislike Jim Harbaugh and all his ridiculous profanity laced toddler-esque fits (today he literally stomped. STOMPED. He is a grown man!) I hope they get trounced. I’m not bitter, even though I sound that way. I just really dislike the 49ers.

I finally read The Hunger Games. In 2 days. I was not wild about the ending and of course am now starting the next book like tomorrow. Okay fine. Tonight.

On Wednesday my mom and I are heading down to San Diego with the baby. On Wednesday we’re just playing, but Thursday morning I’m presenting at a big (professional, non-blogging related) conference and she’s watching Eli. It’s kind of a big deal and also kind of really scary. And even more fun, I have not a single item I can wear because I still haven’t lost any of this damn baby weight and all my beautiful suits and other professional attire is in a bag in my garage with a sad face on it. Interestingly, my face has a similar sad face on it.

And, we’re going skiing in a few weeks and ask me if any of my ski pants or jackets fit. Okay don’t. Because I don’t want to talk about it.

I’m ready for Worst Cooks in America to come back on TV. I don’t know who they’ll put against Anne Burell this time, but I will totally watch. Unlike Rachel and Guy’s celebrity cook off, which is kind of painful this year.

I’m in the slow process of seeking out play groups or moms groups or some kind of group to sign myself up to. I’m hesitating because a) I’m scared and b) I don’t fit nicely into any of the groups I can find. Most are for stay at home moms, which I’m not. And I hate the idea of trying to sneak in and pretend like I’m something other than what I am. The only working moms groups I could find meet late int he evenings or on weekends and that’s not really ideal either. But honestly, even if I did find the magical group that was just perfect, I’m not sure I’d go because I’m scared and awkward and making friends is hard. Incidentally, so is being lonely.

I got an Otterbox iPhone case for Christmas and while I love it, the bottom flap that covers the charging socket does not stay closed and it makes me crazy. I need to get it a little less rigid and see if it works better. In the meantime, it’s always getting caught on crap.

My first world problems are exhausting.

On that note, I’m going to pack the baby’s bottles of daycare tomorrow and get my work clothes picked out so I can fall into bed and hopefully get a few hours of sleep before the baby wakes. I hope you are all well and have a wonderful week!

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  • Tia:

    a) Separation anxiety is actually a milestone, so think of him as growing and developing as he should :)
    b) Mom’s groups – I’m a working mom 4 days per week, but I joined a SAHM group. I told them that I worked 4 days per week, which they were fine with. A few of them actually work part-time. Yes, I miss many of the play dates, but they are an awesome group of women that often try to schedule on Fridays so I can come. I’m in a working moms group too, but as you found, they only meet on evenings and weekends. I’m not willing to give up my family time. Plus, they aren’t well attended since others don’t want to give up family time either. I am NOT a “mom’s group” type of woman, but I have found these women to be an amazing support for me. I love them. Try it out, and if you don’t like it you dont’ have to go back.


  • 1) Cut the bottom flap off of the Otterbox. My husband’s was fine for a while, then stopped staying shut, so we took an X-acto to it. Problem solved.

    b) mom groups — I KNOW. I even joined a moms of multiples group, and it’s mostly stay-at-home types (not that it’s not my type of person, but it’s not my type of schedule), and I just can’t meet up on a Wednesday at 10:30. I’m also so rigid/anxious about napping times, that play dates (for my sake or the babies’) aren’t happening. I crave the connection, but it’s not there yet.


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