What a Difference 8 Months Make!

So we’ve officially reached the difficult to take pictures stage…

1 day old!

1 month and 1 day old!

2 months and 1 day old!
2 months and 1 day

3 months and 1 day old!
lion 3mo

4 months and 1 day old!
4 months, 1 day!

5 months and 1 day old!
5 months and 1 day

6 months and 1 day old!
lion 6mo

7 months and 1 day old!
lion 7mo 1

8 months and 1 day old!
lion 8 mo2

(The mohawk was just something I did for fun last night after his bath and then he woke up with it still very much present today. Which is funny because I brush his hair every night and in the morning it’s always a hot mess.)

Though he weighs, almost to the ounce, the same as he did last month, he’s a whole different baby now. Which is why there isn’t a picture of him sitting next to the lion, but instead, a picture of him coming to get me with a lion in the background. I cannot believe how quickly time is passing. How quickly this baby is growing up. Oh my heart.

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