Elijah: Month Seven


Today you are 7 months old! This last month was a total doozy and felt like it was about a year long. I think we’re both pretty glad to be on the other side of it, but at the same time, 7 months sounds so grown up, I’m in a little bit of denial. You’re on the downhill side of a year, which is just amazing to me. Weren’t you just born?


This month was full of firsts I never really wanted you to experience. You had your first hospital visit, for a wicked case of bronchiolitis (though thankfully it was just a few hours, no overnight stay or anything). You had your first ear infection and subsequently your first round of antibiotics, which you are actually taking like a champ (as if there was any doubt). And to cap off the fun, you threw up for the first time. There are just big parts of this month I think we both want to forget and parts of the couch I’d like to burn.


But there were other firsts too, good firsts. You had your first Thanksgiving and are smack dab in the middle of your first Chanukah, which is pretty cool. So far you’ve gotten a ride on car toy, a blanket, a new bath tub, a rubber ducky, a large baby gate and a play remote. Making out like a bandit for sure.



You slept in your crib all night for the first time this month, and aside from when you were sick and that first night (let us never speak of that again), the crib transition has gone pretty well. You definitely wake up more often in the crib than you did in your bunny bed, but it has meant that you and I get to snuggle more, so there’s a definite upside.


You went to the park and rode on swings and slides for the first time. You also wore the most perfect shade of blue to go with your incredible blue eyes for the first time.


You got your first tooth this month, on December 7th to be precise. It’s the front bottom tooth on your left. It’s still just a tiny little sharp nubbin that has barely broken through, but it’s there, and you have been gnawing on everything you can get your hands on. The tooth next to it is also so very close to coming in, I imagine it’s just a matter of days.

fam pic 13

You fed yourself (crackers) for the first time this month. Before you mastered this, if you saw a the cracker, you would open your mouth and lunge for it, as if you hoped it might jump in on it’s own. It was fairly hilarious.


You also went to the zoo for the first time, but you were seriously underwhelmed. Your dad tried to get you to look at some monkeys and I swear it was as though you were going out of your way to not see them. Dad would turn you to look and you’d look away. So he’d turn back around and you’d look the opposite way. It was hilarious.


You learned how to transition from sitting to your tummy this month. You still smash your face into the ground about 25% of the time, but it’s getting better. You’ve also become a stable sitter and only tip over when you want to, or immediately after we tell people that they don’t have to sit with you because you can sit by yourself. You love to make liars out of us.


You are so, so, so close to crawling. You can push yourself backwards several feet, but you have not yet figured out how to move forward. Though I legitimately thought I was going to capture it on film here, you came about as close to crawling as you have ever before.

You have developed such a big personality this month and are the biggest flirt. You want everyone looking at you at all times and you smile all the time. And if we dare look away, you grunt and whine and shriek until we look and then you smile again, as though you have no idea why we are all looking at you. Taking family pictures was a hilarious challenge because when we all got in place, you refused to look at the camera and just wanted your Aunt Claire to look at you the whole time. It did result in a fairly adorable picture, though, I must say.

fam pic2

Your likes this month include: sleeping with blankets over your face, your Soothies, your thumb, rattles, sitting, anything that crinkles, your bird, solid foods that aren’t green, crackers, baths, Sesame Street and the kitties (who hate you, sorry.)


Your dislikes this month include: green food, vaccines, banana (oh the dramatic gagging), getting buckled into anything, not being the center of attention and falling asleep.


This month was a rough one and for that, I’m so sorry. It has changed your personality slightly in that you are still a fiercely independent baby, but cry a little easier and you need me for comfort and snuggles more now, which your rarely did before. I am so sad you were sick, but son, I absolutely adore this little change. Snuggling with you is my favorite place to be, even at 4 in the morning, and 5 in the morning and 6 in the morning. If I could’ve snuggled you until you were well, I would’ve done it, and lo how I tried. I will always hold a little bit of guilt for not taking you back to the doctor sooner for your ear infection, but I hope you know it was just my inexperience since we’re both new at this and it was a mistake I won’t make again.


This month your babysitter pointed out that whenever you’re upset, you always say “ma ma ma” over and over until someone comes and comforts you and we had noticed it at home too. At first it kind of upset me, that you used the syllables of my title when upset and saved your da da das for happy playful times, but I’ve come to realize that it’s perfect. Whether it’s intentional or not, I love that you can come to me for comfort when you’re upset or sad or tired. I am happy to be your comfort, to be your solace, because the truth is, you are mine as well. You are what I think of when I am sad, your picture is what I go to when I’m upset at work or having a bad day. I may as well say your name when I need comfort because you are mine, just as I am yours. In many ways I need you every bit as much as you need me.

fam pic 22-2

I know that things are going to rapidly change from here on out. You will crawl and then stand and then walk. These days of snuggles and dependence on me are fleeting and I can already feel them slipping away. I love the boy you’re growing into, but a small part of me is sad to let go of that tiny infant, to let go of the baby and let in the toddler.


I hope that as you grow and need fewer hugs and snuggles that you know that your dad and I will always be here when you need us. We want to let you grow and try new things without hovering, but we’re always in the background, ready to catch you or push you if we need to, always cheering you on. And that will never, ever change. We absolutely could not love you more if we had to. It’s a feeling unlike anything I’ve ever known, to love someone this much. I know this month has not been our best, but I hope you know that I would walk to the ends of the earth to make you feel better or to make you happy again. And for you, I would do it happily.


Happy 7 months, Eli. We love you and can’t wait to see what next month brings.


6 Responses to “Elijah: Month Seven”

  • Cheryl:

    Aww, gorgeous boy and gorgeous words, you made me start my morning with tears! x


  • I LOVE the Superman onsie! I got two of my nephews something similar from Movie World last year. Eli looks so gorgeous in it.

    I cannot believe how big he is already, and how beautiful he is. Congratulations, Katie. You have an awesome kid!


  • Cathy Arnold:

    Such a beautiful blog!! I have always enjoyed your writing. You have a very special talent of taking feelings from the heart and putting them into words!
    Happy 7 months to Eli!


  • Jamie:

    He is SO CUTE and seems so happy all the time… except that one picture, lol. You guys make beautiful babies <3


  • mommabird2345:

    When did he get so big? He’s such a cutie! What a lovely family photo.

    P.S. Your husband reminds me of our family friend from England. So, I picture your husband speaking with an English accent. :)


    Katie Reply:

    @mommabird2345, Dude. I have a crazy attraction to English accents. That would be so awesome.


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