Sunday Stream of Consciousness

I hope everyone is recovering from a very nice Thanksgiving! We spent Thursday-Sunday in my hometown, splitting our time between my parents. We ate Thanksgiving dinner with my dad and step-mom’s family. We ate a second Thanksgiving dinner on Friday with my mom and her family. Saturday was family picture day (pictures to come, promise, so far we only have a handful), since my mom’s friend who used to work for a big portrait place offered to take pictures for us. Sunday was pack all the crap and get out of town.

Eli appears to have a cold, but I swear about 80% of the time I think he has a cold and he doesn’t. This time there is much snot, much snorting and some coughing. I also have a mild sore throat, so my guess is that it’s legitimate this time. My only worry is once again for my 1 month old niece, since I really don’t want her to get sick. If I had thought it was anything other than his normal morning congestion, I would’ve bowed out of some shared events, but as it was, Eli and my sister/my niece never came into direct contact, so hopefully we’ll keep our germs to ourselves this time.

Thanksgiving food is my absolute favorite. Turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, etc. It’s just one giant carbohydrate festival and I LOVE it.

Tomorrow I go meet with the clinic director of the peds place I’ll be working for. I’m unreasonably nervous, especially considering that she already gave me the job and she is about the nicest person ever. Starting new work is always scary, this more so since it’s someone I greatly admire and have long wanted to work for.

Elijah didn’t go to bed until 11pm on Thanksgiving, and then slept until 9, which was completely awesome. Then he went to bed at 10 on Friday and slept until 8. Then went to bed at 10 no Saturday and slept until 7:15 this morning. And then he took a 3 hour nap this afternoon, ending at 6pm, so it’s now 10:30 and he only went to bed 20 minutes ago. We have got to get his sleep back on schedule because it’s pushing my bedtime back and I am tired too. Not to mention, I hate that he’s going to get like 8 hours max tonight, when he really, really needs 10.

My husband has a conference in San Diego this weekend and I was planning on bringing Eli up and staying there for at least a few days, but I’m unsure now. It’ll depend highly upon how Eli is feeling, because I’m hesitant now, given the fact that it’s like 30 bucks a day to park there and 11 a day for internet. Plus it’s us being away from the comfort of home for more days, which is a bummer, especially since the conference goes until 9pm several of the days, so Eli wouldn’t really even get to see his dad.

Eli is alarmingly close to crawling. He pushes himself backwards while on his belly and several times this weekend, he tucked a leg up and started to propel himself forward. The end is near.

Alright, I’m keeping things a little short this week. I’m exhausted and need to get to bed. I hope you all are recovering from your holiday and that you have a nice week!

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