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Sunday again. Before what will be a very, very long week. I’m working 8-5 Monday and Tuesday and 8-1 Wednesday, which I know, woe is me, most of you work full time and I’m a baby. I have only worked 3 days in a row once since Eli was born and I was completely beat, I’m hoping that these 3 days will go more smoothly. I have great respect for those of you who work full time and have kids, you are cut from a stronger cloth than I. (This is coming out a little but wrong. All I’m trying to say is that if you have kids and you work full time, I tip my hat to you, because I am a baby and working 3 days in a row kicks my pathetic ass.)

Thursday we’re heading to my hometown to have Thanksgiving dinner with my family. My husband sort of assumed he had Friday off, only he forgot to actually ask if he had Friday off, so he may be coming for dinner and then turning around and going home. Let’s hope not.

The crib transition continues to be a bit of a struggle. Before we moved him to his crib, Eli was getting up to eat between 3 and 4am, every night. It wasn’t bothersome, I was getting 5ish hours of sleep in a row and a few more after that, so it was no big deal. Since transitioning to the crib, he’s waking up between midnight and 1 every night. Maybe it’s just me, but, I find it WAY more difficult to get up after being asleep for 2 hours than after being asleep for 5. It has resulted in me being really frustrated and rage pumping at 1 in the morning for 5 nights in a row, so I’m hoping tonight will be the night he gets his sleeping groove back.

I got a video monitor (thanks mom) that I love so so so so much. I’ll be writing about it later this week most likely, in case anyone is interested.

On Saturday morning my husband got up with Eli, fed him, got him to nap and bought donuts, while I slept until 9 and showered. It was the longest stretch of sleep I’ve gotten in 6 months (8 hours) and it was INCREDIBLE. I believe this will be a weekly occurrence.

We’re doing family pictures the day after Thanksgiving and probably having Eli’s professional portraits done shortly thereafter. The problem is that a) they are unbelievably expensive or b) poor quality. We want good quality and a reasonable price, which apparently it inherently unreasonable. I’m definitely soliciting suggestions if any of you have them. We looked into Kiddie Kandids and are considering them, but we want digital copies and for the cost we can go to a fancy professional studio photographer.

I was honestly not planning on buying Chanukah/Christmas presents for Eli this year, which, maybe makes me a monster, but he is going to get SO many toys that it seemed unnecessary this year. But my husband is appalled at this, so he’s getting 7 small gifts and 1 large one for Chanukah. Which is right around the corner. Why so fast, time?

Alright, speaking of time, I need to go to bed. I hope you all have a great week and a great holiday!

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  • purplebreath:

    If Slappy has to work on Friday then no pictures? Did you look into JCP? They have coupons for babies. It will cost very little and I find their photographers competent.


    Katie Reply:

    @purplebreath, I hadn’t looked into JCP yet only because there isn’t one within 30 miles of us that does pictures, but I will take a look tomorrow.


  • Video monitors are awesome. We still use ours and love it.


  • Anne:

    ack.. it ate my really long reply.. but I second JCP. If you want I can send you the link to our recent holiday pictures (we just got them done last week)

    I LOVE them. you can work with your pictures online after they are done and make your own (if you don’t have alot of time *due to fussy child* to play with backrounds etc) and they are avaiable for 90 days after your session for free.. you can also pay for long term digital storage if you want.. they do so an awesome job listening to us (atleast ours out here do.. )

    Their portrait perks card is worth it if you are going to be taking alot of pictures, if not, you can get free sitting free coupons online throughout the year.

    good luck!!!


  • JCP or Sears. If you go to the website, Sears almost always has great coupon deals. I’ve been taking Ava there for pics every six months since she was 3 months old.


  • Lindsay:

    Simplest holiday jingle ever for gifts:
    Something they want
    Something they need
    Something they’ll wear
    Something they’ll read :)

    That’s what I use as a guide since my kids get an abundance of gifts!!


  • GreenInOC:

    I sounds like the crib situation isn’t working out best for anyone right now, why not bring him back to bed with you?


  • We’re trying Picture People on the recommendation of friends. Probably pricier than JCP, but less so than a professional.

    OR, ask around for a professional who’s just getting started and looking to build a portfolio.


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