Sunday Stream of Consciousness

That time has rolled around again and it’s time for all the random crap floating around in my head.

The Next Iron Chef: Redemption is on, which, yaaaay. I love Food Network competition shows. They suck me in make me want to watch and watch and watch. And though once upon a time I couldn’t stand Alton Brown, I now kind of love him. He’s a kick on twitter, too.

My sister texted me an hour ago to ask if there was a growth spurt around 10 days and I couldn’t help but kind of shudder to myself. Oh the days of growth spurts. I do not miss that even a little bit and I have nothing but great sympathy for her day. I’m hoping my niece is as good at sleeping at night after a growth spurt as Eli was. For my sister’s sake/sanity.

It’s crockpot week around here. Tomorrow is red beans and rice, Tuesday is French onion soup, that I’m bringing over to my sister’s house for dinner. Wednesday is crockpot leftovers. And that’s all I have planned so far. Probably shouldn’t plan Friday’s meals until I know what’s in our CSA basket this week since we did only a fair job of eating last week’s box.

Eli has now tasted avocado, pears, carrots and apples. He seemed to seriously hate avocados, he was meh about pears and he loved carrots and apples. I gave him some leftover pears tonight and he was much more interested than the first time. Tomorrow night we’re going to give peas a whirl. I pureed a few carrots just in case the peas don’t go over so well. And I have pumpkin in the freezer, but he’s not supposed to have that until he’s actually 6 months, for some health/nutrition reason I am unsure of. But it’s ready whenever he is.

I have enjoyed making his food, but I have a feeling that as he starts to want to eat more and more, I’m going to be preparing less and less. I don’t know how to do proper chunks or meats and things. And though I’ve got a good plan this week, I’m not always so great at cooking dinner for us. We’ll see how things work out.

I am ready for winter. Hell, I’d even settle for fall. But tomorrow, on November 5, it’s going to be 91 degrees outside. And I know that many on the east coast are facing a cold storm and I have nothing but sympathy and concern for them, but damn if I wish we couldn’t average our temperatures together.

We’re transitioning Eli to his crib on Saturday. I can write an entire post about how this unnerves/upsets me, but I’m trying to be rational and calm and all the things that are pretty much the opposite of how I really feel. Basically it’s fun times up in here. I’m hopeful that I’m going to get at least some sleep next weekend/early next week. Otherwise he might just sleep in our room forever. I would be fine with it. I love waking up to happy baby sounds in the morning.

The cats are varying between loving and douchebaggery. We’ve got them on a continuous feeder of low carb/lower fat dry food, which has greatly reduced Shmo’s aggression without letting him be as fat as he was with the full fat stuff. He’s still not stoked or anything, but he’s much more tolerable. If he would stop trying to sit on my lap while I was pumping, things in cat land would be nearly good.

I found and bought apple pie bread at our organic market today. And all I want to do is sit in a corner and eat it all while no one is looking. Along with the little amount of Halloween candy I haven’t yet devoured.

Look, I love me some Apple products, but I do not understand the iPad mini. If the iPad is too big, get an iPhone. And the lady that was interviewed on the news who found her iPhone too small and her iPad too unwieldy just about killed me with her first world problems. It must be so hard to balance that big iPad while in your bed full of crumpled up 100 dollar bills.

Okay, I’d say that’s about enough from me for the night. Have a great week!

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  • Kristin:

    I was super lazy with making my own baby food, but I did buy mixed veggies in the steam packs once my LO was able to eat them all and those were our chunks. I also bought steamable butternut squash chunks and made those. I always rolled banana chunks in Cheerios that were crushed up to make them easier to pick up. My daughter is 20 months and I never got her to eat meat, she still barely eats it. Occasionally she’ll eat chicken but its rare. The doctor told us not to worry as long as she’s getting protein from other sources. I’m terrible about actual meal making but it’s getting better now that I have to feed my child, she just eats whatever we eat and I try to make something that she enjoys with every meal.


  • I would sneak meat and cooked eggs (eventually) into stuff I pureed like red beans and rice (very plain unseasoned but with chicken) or a smoothie with bananas in it (hides all sins). Whatever you do, eventually switch to feeding Eli exactly what the adults are eating and nothing else (and sooner than later) so you don’t wind up with a horridly choosy eater who refuses to try new things.


  • Melissa:

    I would second Ms. Future’s suggestion of feeding Eli just what you are eating. Don’t let restaurants give you kids menus, either. Most of them are full of crap and create kids who only want mac and cheese or hot dogs (not that there’s anything wrong with those, but to eat them all the time, yuk!)


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