Sunday Stream of Consciousness

We made it to another Sunday! Which means tomorrow is Monday… Wah wah.

I’m only working Monday this week. The plan was that after Monday I’d head to Huntington Beach from Tuesday to Saturday with my husband while he’s at a conference. Since this plan was originally hatched a few things have changed and then changed again and now I’m not entirely sure what I’m going to do. Part of why I’m not going to stay the whole time is because I know I’ll be bored (woe is me, I know). My husband will be in a conference all day and most of the evenings and if I’m going to be alone with my son, I’d rather be at home with all our gadgets and normal stuff. Second, my sister has a teeny tiny baby and I want to hang out with them.

So, after Monday, I have no idea what I’m doing. Besides finally getting that cavity filled that I skipped last week (long story) and starting allergy shots (another long story).

We are out of toilet paper (there is still some in 2 out of 3 bathrooms) and paper towels. This has not happened in a long time. To be honest, we’ve not run out of toilet paper in literally years because I once won a “year’s supply” of toilet paper, but for 2 people it ended up lasting literally 4 years. I am not used to having to buy that. And without any of the normal paper products I feel like we are living in the dark ages. A trip to Costco will be taking place Tuesday at the latest.

I had my first therapy appointment this past week. I’ll write more about it soon, but it was somewhat nice to finally get that out of the way. It wasn’t earth shattering or anything, but it seems like we have a good handle on what needs to be dealt with (cough*control freak*cough).

I was going to marvel here about how Dr. Pepper Jelly Bellies taste exactly like Dr. Pepper and then I realized how incredibly dumb that sounds. Geez whiz, it’s almost like they’re made to taste that way. Same thing with every other flavor that tastes alarmingly like what it’s supposed to (except Kiwi). I am occasionally an idiot.

Today was the first day in about 6-7 months that I’ve worn my wedding rings for more than a few uncomfortable minutes. I was also able to button and zip and not die in a pair of pre-pregnancy jeans, though admittedly they were my pre-pregnancy fat pants and were more than a little loose. But still. I really still haven’t lost any weight, but my body is changing lately and I am not complaining. I do need to get back on the dieting because I am ready to see more change. I told myself I wanted to be back in pre-pregnancy clothes by the time my sister had her baby because that was roughly 6 months after Eli’s birth, but clearly that did not happen.

This storm on the east coast seems eerily familiar. Wasn’t there a big storm like the exact same day last year? Or am I hallucinating? Either way, we’re sending good thoughts for all those in the storm’s path. We’ve had a taste of the fear these kinds of storms bring and it is just pure awful. Stay safe.

This weekend was stuffed full of family and babies and I am now completely drained. I hope to blog a few more times this week, but as usual, there’s just no guarantee. Have a wonderful week!

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  • AKL:

    Ugh yes, we were just hit with some weather last year. Irene hit 8/28/11, and there was a Nor’easter on 10/29/11! Hoping for minimal damage in upstate NY, but my friends in the City are getting pretty hammered.


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