Why I’m Voting for Barack Obama

I’m a Democrat. I’ve been one since I had even the slightest grasp on politics. I didn’t know the label, I just knew what felt right to me. I am for women’s rights, I’m against the death penalty, I’m for helping the poor and generally against war. I’m hardly an extremist and as I age, I am increasingly economically conservative. Also of note, I don’t watch MSNBC or agree with everything said by any given Democrat. And I do my own research on issues, as all voters should.

And on November 6th, I will cast a vote for Barack Obama. And here’s why.

1. Healthcare Reform. If there were no other items on the table, this one would be enough. I have a pre-existing condition. I am a healthcare provider. I have gotten to see from both sides of the table, how very broken our healthcare system is. Do I believe this reform is perfect? Absolutely not. But it is a good first step and it is far superior to the extremely flawed Medicare voucher system proposed by Romney/Ryan. Because of Barack Obama, if my husband loses his job, I can still purchase health insurance. Because of Barack Obama, my child can get and keep insurance if he is ever found to have a condition that would otherwise make him ineligible. President Obama said he would get us healthcare reform and he did. And I am a staunch supporter of Obamacare.

2. Women’s Rights. I need to be clear here- I am personally pro-life. I could not, especially now that I’m a mother, have an abortion unless my life was at risk or my child’s life would be horrific. It’s just not something I could do and I’m beyond thrilled I’ve never had to face that decision. But, just because it is against my personal beliefs doesn’t mean that those beliefs should dictate what any other woman does. I firmly believe that women should have freedom over their bodies and that includes the right to choose whether they carry a child if pregnant. I do not like abortion. I do not want anyone to have one. But I do not believe in legislating what anyone else can do with their body. Mitt Romney has off and on said he would support a measure that would outlaw abortion except in the case of rape or the health of the mother. In a perfect world I agree with Mitt on this, but in this world, one where if we outlaw abortion, people are still going to get them, just less safely, I am politically pro-choice. And sorry, but the antidote to abortion isn’t abstinence only sex education. It’s affordable, accessible birth control and education. Another reason why I support President Obama.

3. I believe Barack Obama has the middle class in mind. I honestly do not think the same can be said for Mitt Romney. I think that what one says when they think no one is listening is the best way to learn what they really think. Mitt Romney’s 47% comment was a major moment for me. I’m in that 47%. We don’t make enough to pay income taxes, but we have taken personal responsibility. We pay other taxes, we work and we contribute to society. I believe that those who have fallen on hard times need our assistance, not our criticism, and I stand strongly in support of government assistance. I believe that it’s shameful for someone who wants to lead this country to store millions of dollars in overseas bank accounts so that they don’t have to pay as many taxes. I cannot even pretend to believe that someone who makes great use of tax loopholes has any intention of closing them. I am part of the 47% and Mitt Romney doesn’t understand who we are, let alone what we need from our president.

Now, notably missing here is the economic recovery and that’s for two reasons.

First, I do not pretend to understand economic issues well enough to feel like I can have a strong opinion on this. I’m a science person, not an economist. I understand supply and demand and a few curves here and there, but that’s where it ends. The bankruptcy of General Motors is so entirely confusing to me that when they start to argue about it, my eyes just completely glaze over until they’ve moved on.

Second, because I’m not foolish enough to believe that the economy will be fixed by one man. The president is a figurehead. He is not the most powerful person in politics because we have a system of checks and balances and a Congress that is more motivated to screw over their counterparts than to do anything productive. I think that the ability to turn around the economy falls much more into the hands of the legislative branch of government and while I have little hope that they’ll work together, I hope that if Obama is re-elected, at least Congressman like Boehner and McConnell can focus on their job instead of on making Obama a one term president, as they said was their main objective two years ago.

I’ve been accused lately of being a sheep, of not knowing the issues, of blindly following my party. None of those are true statements, though I’m too tired to try to prove that to anyone. I have followed this election as closely as my life has permitted and I am confident that my needs, my views and my family are best served with Barack Obama as president for four more years. And that is why I will be voting for him next month. Regardless of whether you agree or disagree, I hope that you’ll go out and exercise your ability to vote for who you feel is the best candidate.

Change cannot happen if we refuse to act, this is our opportunity to lead our country in the direction we believe it needs to go. I’m voting to move forward and I hope you’ll cast your vote too.

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  • Meg:

    Thank you for spelling out what I’ve been thinking on so many issues!


  • Editdebs:

    I couldn’t agree more: Obamacare (my son does have a preexisting condition, not a serious one, but would that would preclude him from getting insurance should I lose our health insurance), abortion (personally couldn’t do it, but I have NO right to tell other women what to do with their bodies); middle class (you’re on the money about saying in private what your really believe). Will be voting early (and though I live in Chicago, only once) today.


  • Fortunately, I have insurance as a student. If not, I would be excluded for pre-existing conditions.

    One of my students walks around spouting what he hears at home and oy vey, I had a very spirited discussion yesterday about a couple of the things you highlighted. As I explained to my student, no candidate is perfect, none will ever be, but Obama aligns the most with my views.

    It really feels that we as a nation have lost our empathy for those who are not in the same station in life.


  • Stephen:

    Katie, you know I respect your opinions. I have for years. But Mr. Obama is a stone cold, Chicago machine, pathological liar. Nothing else matters. Period. This country desperately needs leadership, and the vast majority of Americans will not follow a liar. That’s why I believe Romney will win. It’s a matter of trust, and Obama has betrayed all of us in regards to honesty. Benghazi is just the most recent example. If Obama is re-elected, I believe, America as we have known it, is doomed. Just my thoughts.


    Katie Reply:

    @Stephen, Oh my goodness. I have to vehemently disagree. Obama is not a pathological liar. I think that’s just silliness and it sounds alarmingly like a Fox News position. I’m happy to disagree on the views of the candidates, but to call them names seems unnecessary to me. Obama has been unable to keep his previous political promises on account of a Congress that has made his job as president nearly impossible.

    I cannot believe that Benghazi was the elaborate political cover up Fox and friends have made it out to be. Even the mother of the man killed has requested that we stop politicizing his death because this isn’t a political situation. It was the work of terrorists, and the fact that we didn’t immediately know what happened thousands and thousands of miles away seems kind of reasonable to me. The initial report was based on misinformation, based on a similar event that happened the same day in Egypt. I think it’s a terribly sad day when we completely stop giving people the benefit of the doubt because they are on the other side of the political spectrum. Assuming first that the president would lie about the death of Americans instead of that it was misinformation as they said, is just completely sad to me.

    Obama has not doomed America in 4 years and the doomsday messages are just more silliness. Why after 4 years of slowly moving the economy into a better direction would the next 4 years be sudden catastrophe? I cannot understand what people think is going to change? I mean that. Why if he didn’t ruin us in 4 years, would he do so in 4 more?


    Stephen Reply:

    @Katie, Gosh, I wish it wasn’t late on a Sunday evening or I would pull up dozens of Obama lies I have bookmarked, but I’ll just briefly go with two questions: Dear Mr. Obama, who told Susan Rice to go on those Sunday shows and blame everything on a “spontaneous” demonstration because of a video nobody saw? The UN representative does NOT make that decision all on her lonesome. Period. Ever. WHO gave her those instructions? And secondly, who told Jay Carney, White House Press Secretary, to go out and make the same assertions about the demonstration and the video? WHO?? Who issued those instructions? They are simple questions, yet, I believe, if they are answered honestly, the entire Obama house of cards tumbles down 9 days before the election.

    And YES, Obama has doomed America to the best of his ability. 16 trillion in debt. Record levels of poverty. Record levels of unemployment amongst females, a totally failed mideast foreign policy, EVERY single projection of the costs of Obamacare shown to be complete bullshit. Lowest level of adult participation in the workforce in history. Non-union workers at Delphi having their retirements erased in favor of union favoritism. An out of control EPA and Interior Department ruling by partisan, special interest driven, executive fiat. Billions upon billions wasted through “Green” energy crony capitalism. Not ONE SINGLE prosecution of corrupt Wall Street and Big Banking interests. (John Corzine for example) No budget passed for 4 years. That Congress you speak of who make his job impossible….the Senate has voted for two years straight 97-0 against his budget proposals. Complete and utter legislative leadership failure. The war on State’s Rights. The Fast and Furious scandal. Complete failure to push for equal marriage rights for gays. Scewing the Eastern Europeans on missile defense in order to bow down to Putin. Katie, I could go on, and on, and on. These are all issues that I have follwed in minute detail for years. Mr. Obama is a total and utter failure as a leader of our nation. And I haven’t even gone into his promises about the most “open and transparent” administration ever, about healing racial divides, not to mention the cessation of the oceans rising. LOL. When you look at the totality of his record, and not just Obamacare (which is a joke) the man is a complete tool. And it breaks my heart that good people who I care deeply about are fooled by him. Dang. :-(


    Katie Reply:

    @Stephen, And I feel similarly bummed out that you feel that way about him. I would love to see legitimate, non-conservative biased, proof of the fact that Obama lied about Benghazi. Not that he told people what to say about it, that he was told exactly what happened and then told people to lie about it. Because I’ve followed this and have yet to see any proof, just a lot of talk.

    But moreover, it seems like so many people are voting against Obama, but I have yet to hear anyone articulate a good reason to vote FOR Romney. I wrote this post about why I’m voting for Obama because my vote for him is not a vote against Romney, it’s a vote for the things I believe in, but I feel like people are voting for Romney because he’s there. His economic policies are questionable at best, he is an extremely wealthy man whose ideas are going to ruin the middle class further than the previous 15 years of failed policies, he has a frightening stance on women’s rights and an even more scary one on gay marriage. For the life of me, I cannot imagine that Romney is an attractive candidate for anyone, especially since his platform shifts every single day. I was not worried about the Romney of a year ago, but the Romney that then changed to appeal to the Tea Party scares me. Which Romney would be president?

  • Melissa:

    The thing that really bugs me is that I believe most people know what Romney really meant by the 47%. He meant that 47% of the people will not vote for him no matter what so he really can’t worry about trying to convince them to vote for him. Romney has done many things to show how he cares for others, specifically closing Bain and taking employees to search for the missing daughter of another employee. He donated 100% of his inheritance from his father. What has Obama done? He hangs out with people who say “God***n American” and tries to insight class warfare. Hey, Mr. President, *everybody* is hurting in this economy which YOU are mishandling. Stop trying to blame others. Obamacare will result in many people losing their insurance and companies decide they would rather pay the penalty. Obama has shown no skill in reaching across the aisle, something Romney has done numerous times in Massachusetts. The cover-up of Behghazi is a national tragedy and the Obama administration is lying to all of us, hoping we are more interested in Big Bird or binders. He apparently also is unaware that the majority of Planned Parenthood sites to not offer mammograms, but he keeps trying to toss that out there. He is a disgrace to our country and I am ashamed to have him as President. I completely agree, also, with everything Stephen said.


    Katie Reply:

    @Melissa, You know, I do think that Romney meant exactly what he said. He didn’t just say that he couldn’t get those 47% to vote for him, if he did, that news story would’ve been dead immediately. He said that those 47% don’t take responsibility for themselves. I’m sorry, but those words aren’t really twistable. He thinks that people who don’t make enough money to pay taxes aren’t owning up because he has zero idea how the middle class, and even more so, the lower and lower-middle classes function.

    As for Obama, well, I’m not going to convince you that he’s not the person that you believe him to be, but for my money, I’ll listen to award winning economists who say that Romney’s plans will lead us into a double dip recession and stick with the slow economic improvements. I’ll go with health care reform instead of potentially bankrupting medicare, especially since insurances are already allowed to exclude people, so any option for recourse seems like an improvement to me. And importantly, I’m voting for social positions fit with my personal beliefs. I genuinely don’t think Romney is a bad guy, but I also don’t believe he has my best interests at heart. I am not voting against him, I am voting for Obama, if that makes sense.

    (This was edited to make me sound like less of an asshole. I apologize if I was too hasty with my words before.)


    Jules Reply:

    I find this comment to be in complete contradiction to what you said above about giving people the benefit of the doubt despite being on the other side of the political spectrum.


    Katie Reply:

    @Jules, Which part of the comment, because that was never, ever my intention and I certainly want to clarify or edit to be clear but not rude if it’s coming across that way.

    If it’s in terms of giving the benefit of the doubt to Romney, then honestly I can’t understand what doubt there is. He said what he said, it’s not an issue of interpretation, it’s a direct quote. I just can’t assume he said one thing and meant something entirely different.

    If it’s the rest of it, then that’s 100% my opinion (and you know what they say about opinions…). You are welcome to disagree and many do. I feel passionately about politics, but I know that people on the other side of the spectrum are voting what they believe to be right/true, so I still respect their opinions even if I disagree. I am sorry if I worded my opinion too strongly as my intent was not to offend or demonize the other side and I’m sorry if it came across that way. Polite civil discourse is important to me, so I appreciate you pointing this out.

  • Melissa:

    We can agree to disagree. I really do not get offended by people expressing their opinions. I may think they are ridiculous for thinking a certain way, but I respect their right to have the opinion they do. And I do think Romney’s words were twistable because they have been twisted in the media. But again, we could ague all day and not agree. I’m voting for Romney because he’s the kind of man I believe has the experience, morals and vision to lead this country and I believe Obama is none of those things and has proven it the last four years. Also, the unintended consequences of the health care law have only just begun to be revealed. Most of it is not going to be good. Happy voting to all!


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