Sunday Stream of Consciousness

Where did my weekend go? I mean, wasn’t it just Friday night?

Speaking of Friday night, it was probably the best night of sleep we’ve had in a long while. Eli went down at 9, I went to sleep between 10 and 10:30, we were up at 4, Eli went right back to sleep after eating, I was in bed by 4:45 and then we slept until 8:45. It was amazing.

I’m working Tuesday, Thursday and Friday this week, all at the same office, which is kind of nice. It is a super busy office, but after this week I’m only working one day next week and then taking the rest of the week off. I originally took the rest of the week off so I could go stay with my husband in Huntington Beach at a conference, but there’s been a SNAFU with the hotel and now mostly likely it’ll be me and Eli chilling at home alone while my husband is at a conference.

We’ll be not so secretly hoping my sister has her baby before then so we can just play with her and the baby. I’m sure she’ll be hoping the same thing since she’s due in 3 days.

I had the distinct pleasure of undergoing the first of what I think will be 2 sessions of allergy testing the other day. I cannot tell you how weirdly excited the nurses were when stuff started showing up positive. Apparently they have had a lot of negative tests and that’s boring for them. I imagine those patients were a bit more grateful though.

I’m constantly impressed at how well Neil Patrick Harris can play a straight bachelor. Seriously. You would never know that he’s gay.

Just so you know, Sugar Babies are basically brown sugar Jelly Bellies. Notably, not dairy free, so, oops.

I have the great privilege of getting a cavity filled tomorrow. I’m torn on how to feel about this because, on the one hand, it’s the least number I’ve had filled in years (I brush twice a day and gargle at least once, I’m not like a meth user), on the other hand, it’s the same tooth I’ve had filled for the third consecutive year. And I feel a little like I shouldn’t have to keep paying for them to do the same filling over and over again. I’m also hoping it can maybe be done without anesthetic because I hate being numb almost as much as I hate myself, clearly.

Eli is finally sort of actually ingesting some of the solid food we’re presenting him. He’s still not thrilled and I still haven’t gotten the post up with the pictures yet here are the pictures!, but he’s getting a little better at it.

Also, out of no where, Eli is suddenly able to roll without any effort. Prior to like, today, he was able to roll belly to back easily but struggled getting his rather large noggin up on the back to belly roll. And then today he just…did it. And did it again. And again. And now he’s pretty much given up on being on his back forever.

Private Practice has been cancelled, which wouldn’t bother me so much except they’re cutting the season short too. And while I know that most of the storylines are so ridiculous that I should roll my eyes, instead I am super invested in these fictional characters and am dying to know what will happen. Well done, Shonda Rimes, well done.

Upon editing, I noticed there are a lot of superfluous commas in this post. But I’m too lazy to actually edit them, so, sorry.

I don’t have a whole lot more this week. I’m, as usual, hoping to get more blogging done this week, but let’s not hold our breath, okay?

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  • Now that you mention it, Sugar Babies were the go-to candy when jelly beans weren’t in the stores when I was a kid. You know, in the pre-Jelly Belly days (those became popular when I was about to start high school-I am ancient!)

    Crossing my fingers your sister has that baby Friday night, so you know, you can spend ALL that time you’re off with her and the newest addition.


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