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Another weekend is drawing to a close and another busy week lies ahead. I think when I started back to work I was still in school mode to a certain extent. I’m used to working for a set amount of time and then being done. And so each week I start I kind of mentally calculate how much longer I’ll be at work and then realize that, duh, forever.

I realize I haven’t talked about it too much, but I really like my job. I am actually enjoying the adult interaction part of it quite a lot and though I miss having a consistent patient caseload, I like traveling to different offices and getting to see how a variety of people treat patients. I think it’s giving me exposure to a lot more than I would get if I was in one office all the time. There’s a good chance that once Eli’s a little older, I’ll take a more permanent position within the company, but I’m just not ready for that yet. And I actually get paid more doing this part time than I would working a regular schedule in a single office, so that’s a nice incentive to continue traveling, too.

This week I’m working Monday, Tuesday, Friday with a trip to the Allergist and Dermatologist on Wednesday. I’ve got one more follow up with the allergist after this appointment and another trip to the dentist left this month and then I will hopefully be finished seeing doctors for the near future. I’m still working on getting set up with a therapist (long story), hopefully that will be going soon and frequently. Nothing is acutely wrong, but I wanted to get all these appointments done before my insurance year restarts in January and I had several free days.

I am a baby food making machine, which makes me roll my eyes at myself because I am so not a crunchy granola person. I eat organic approximately 0% of the time, but we signed up for a bi-weekly CSA basket, so now I have a ton of produce that doesn’t last long and well, my baby is eating solid foods now (pictures to come this week), so it made sense. I have carrots, apples and pears pureed and in my freezer and still need to make green beans before they go bad. I also have a big bunch of radishes and NO idea what to do with them, any suggestions are welcome.

I have a jelly belly problem. I stopped eating m&ms because I’m off dairy since it flares up Eli’s reflux and eczema, so jelly bellies are my new m&ms. Thankfully my husband likes all the flavors I don’t (besides buttered and caramel popcorn, which, gaaaag), so between the 2 of us we can pound a 49 flavor container no problem.

The Cowboys came *so* close to winning today. But as usual, were defeated by their worst enemies…themselves.

I made the decision to stop discussing politics on facebook, and it has been both delightful and also way difficult. I have one friend in common (she’s a real life friend, so if you’re reading this, it’s not you) who gets under my skin constantly and it takes every ounce of self control I have to not engage. But I’ve made it 2 weeks without it. I figure at this point everyone largely knows what they’re going to do on the ballot and no one really gives a shit what I think. Look at me, all self-aware for a moment.

I am planning a change to my husband’s blog name. I realize this isn’t terribly important, but I cannot call him Slappy anymore, I feel like I’m writing about a circus clown. And not that this blog is a highly acclaimed novel or anything, but I just feel ridiculous every time I type it.

My baby seems to be going through the 4 month sleep regression a month late. On Friday he went to bed at 8, which is his usual bedtime. Then he was up at midnight, 3:45 and got up for the day (seemingly, I napped with him shortly thereafter) at 6:45. Last night he was up until midnight, just as happy as he could be. I think we’re slightly ill-equipped to handle this change because we never had a sleepless night when he was tiny.

Alright, I’m going to put my sleeping baby to bed and give my husband a very needed haircut. Have a great week!

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  • Kathy:

    “I figure at this point everyone largely knows what they’re going to do on the ballot and no one really gives a shit what I think”

    My husband explained to me that no amount of arguing can ever change someone’s opinion…and it made sense to me so I shut up. Until I read an article that 1 in 6 change their vote based on Facebook comments. WTF? They do their research on Facebook?

    Informed populace? Ugh.


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