7 years ago, Katrina wiped out the city my husband had just moved to, a place I would eventually come to call home for several years. A city that still holds a special place in my heart.

New Orleans Watermeter

4 years ago, we were in Nashville because a hurricane was bearing down on New Orleans, the first legitimate one since Katrina.

1 year ago, I got a positive pregnancy test.


Today, I have a 3.5 month old baby boy who is my everything.


This day is one that holds many emotions and memories. All that was lost and all that was gained. And most of all, it is a remembrance of how grateful I am. Grateful that my husband evacuated and was safe during the storm. Grateful that we had a place to evacuate to when we needed. Grateful that we have a perfect, healthy baby.

8/29 is, and always will be, a big day for this family.

2 Responses to “8/29”

  • Lex:

    I love Eli. I still need to meet him.

    (also, you probably know by now, but yesterday was 8/29, not 9/29… mama brain strikes again)



    Becky C Reply:

    I was just gonna say the same thing about the date!;) And the baby!;)


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