An Open Letter to the Majority of North Carolina Voters

Dear the majority of North Carolina voters,

You don’t know me, I’ve never been to your state and very possibly never will. But I feel like you need you to know that you made a huge mistake today.

You should know right off the bat that I am straight and married and I live in a state that made a similarly awful mistake several years ago that we’ve been trying to undo ever since then. We aren’t perfect either, but I’m happy to say that we’ve recognized our mistake and I’m hopeful that you will too.

History is full of people overcoming mistakes like these.

Hundreds of years ago we had slavery and more recently issues with African American suffrage. People fought tooth and nail to keep their slaves, to prevent African Americans from voting. They quoted the bible, they stood on tradition. They felt that they were doing what was right even when others around them knew otherwise. And do you know what happened? Slavery was abolished and African Americans were allowed to vote. Because eventually cooler, more open minds prevailed.

How about women’s rights? For hundreds of years women weren’t allowed to vote, weren’t allowed in the work force. And when women fought for rights, people quoted the bible, they stood on tradition. They felt that they were doing what was right even when others around them knew otherwise. And do you know what happened? Women got the right to vote. They may still not have completely equal rights, but we have come a long way because eventually cooler, more open minds prevailed.

What you voted on today will someday be in history books. Not because it was a good decision, in fact, because it was the opposite. Some day we will be reading about how you tried to withhold equal rights from American citizens. We’ll read about how you quoted the bible, how you stood on tradition. How you felt you were doing what was right even when others around you know otherwise. We’ll see how you’ve stood on Christianity as your justification when in reality Christ would’ve been horrified by the things proponents of this Amendment have said.

You may have voted against equal rights, but you will not win because the rest of us see your mistake. Our laws are not based on your bible and they are not supposed to be. Our laws are based on the constitution which gives all men equal rights.

What you did today was not a victory. It was a tragedy. It was a mistake that is going to take years to undo. It was a shining example of close-mindedness, of hiding hatred behind religion. I just hope that someday soon you realize that you discriminated against your fellow man in the name of God. I hope you realize that in Jesus’ name you offered hate to your neighbor, instead of love.

I look forward to the day that this Amendment gets overturned. To the day when we stop hiding our hatred behind religion. To the day that equal rights are a given instead of a fight.

With great sadness and frustration,

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  • As part of the minority in NC I wholly agree with your post and wish everyone in this state would read and truly reflect on it. I despise this blatant misuse of power to strip people of their rights and anxiously await the repeal of this awful law.


  • Here’s hoping we can defeat a similar amendment in MN this fall. Let’s all play nice and keep constitutions about who we are, and aspire to be, as a state and a nation. I really hope we don’t aspire to discriminate.


  • Kaye:

    Like Xtina, I am also part of the minority in NC and today I cried. I wish everyone in the state could read this blog post. My only very small consolation is that the majority of the county I live in voted against it, so at least I know I have some sane, enlightened neighbors. I also wonder if the outcome would have been different if the amendment vote had been during a democratic primary instead of a republican one. Sad day.


  • Michele:

    I have never posted on your blog before this but I just have to tell you that this is one of the most elequent pieces of writing I have read in years. I could not agree more with the idea of what you are saying but the way you said it was wonderful. Thanks for sharing.


  • I voted against the amendment yesterday. And I was clearly in the minority. Which makes me very, very sad for humanity.

    What also bugs me? Is that North Carolina is generally a really cool place! We have mountains and beaches and great food and the people are (mostly) really amazingly friendly, in that Southern-charm sort of way. But now, thanks to this, we look like just another Bible belt state full of ignorant uneducated backwards-thinking redneck hillbillies. Sigh.


  • Jodi:


    Well written! I think everyone should link this on their Blogs, Facebook Pages, Twitter Accounts and whatever other social media outlets people use (I, use none). This message needs to be shared. The Bible, G-d, and whatever other crazy shit people think have nothing to do with this. People are mean, intolerant, and well, I will quit before I say something mean. I have a lot of gay friends, and it makes me sick they are not entitled to the same rights as I am in all parts of the world. Does anyone recall the tragedy in Indianapolis last year @ the Sugarland Concert at the State Fair? One of the severely injured and one of the deceased had just gotten married, legally and were there celebrating. When taken to the hospital, there were problems as to what to do because their marriage was not “legal!” My best friend’s sister and her wife are personal friends of the couple. The aftermath was (and I believe still is as the injured women is still recovering)! Thank you for taking the time to write so eloquently and from the heart, Katie!

    I am so sorry you haven’t had the little bugger yet! I thought for sure you would have a three week old by now? I clicked on your Twitter icon today (I don’t do Twitter) and saw that your OB denied you Zofran? Why? Can you not have an epidural because of your past brain surgery? What happens if you need a C-section? How much longer will they make you go! Sorry about all the questions? He’s obviously happy in the oven! The food must be good, or something!

    Sending many, many, many thoughts of hospitals, babies, and safe deliveries your way!

    Take care!


  • Elle Kasey:

    Yes. And yes. And then yes again.


  • Stephen:

    Katie, I agree. Until somebody shows me where in the U.S. Constitution it says, “except for homosexuals” I’m going to continue to espouse equal rights for all. I’m all about the Constitution. It’s my bedrock. It’s our country’s bedrock. And while I adentify as a backslidden, born-again Christian, I can NOT justify prejudice against ANY citizen because of what they do with their private bits. And for the record, my views on equal rights for all is not “evolving” like Mr. Obama’s. I have, and continue to, catch alot of shit/flak from family and friends because I am a staunch supporter of unequivocal equal rights for all citizens. I’ve never denied that depending on which way the political winds are blowing. Great post Katie.


  • Stephen:

    p.s. is adentifying going without dentifying? :-)


  • Damn straight. (Or not. Heh) Does it really matter who we love?


  • I love this! Using the bible to keep perpetuating hate is absurd! Thank you for writing such an intelligent piece! Congrats on your little guy too!


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