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So, yesterday was a really super duper fun day.

It started at midnight with contractions that got progressively more painful and closer together and made me convinced that holy crap, I was going to have a baby.

Spoiler alert: I’m still pregnant. Also grumpy and tired.

Throughout the day yesterday the contractions were reliably every 7 minutes for 19 hours straight. And because contractions aren’t fun enough, I was also horribly nauseous most of the time, which meant I didn’t eat or drink enough, which just made me feel more lousy. And then around 7:30 last night, the contractions stopped. Like, I maybe had 1 after 7:30, but that was it.

And today I’ve had like 2 (oh, had another one while writing this, clearly he disapproves of my contractionless braggery), and while they were absolutely freaking awful (I love that the hurt from my boobs to my thighs, yay nerve distribution), they certainly aren’t indicative of labor anytime soon.

I have a doctor’s appointment on Thursday morning and have to get an ultrasound later on Thursday to check my amniotic fluid levels (they’re low, so I’m basically just supposed sitting at home right now, drinking as much water as possible), but I’m pretty sure this kid won’t be making his appearance anytime soon. Especially if it’s up to him. Though he seems to love torturing his mother, he doesn’t seem to be eager to join the rest of the world outside my uterus.

In other less ranty and painful news, I did post pictures of the nursery, but never came over here to link them. There are more pictures here that you can click through to show the progression of the nursery from start to finish, but for your trouble, here are a few here too.




And that’s pretty much all that’s going on. We’re just waiting, impatiently. Basically, I’m being held hostage by a baby.

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  • That sucks about the contractions. I remember when I was pregnant, the kid didn’t want to budge. At all. Like to the point where we got worried and went to the hospital because I thought something was wrong. Turns out he was just lazy. 😀

    I love love LOVE the nursery scheme. We had baby Looney Tunes for ours, which was cute, but pretty popular. This though….freaking adorable! Makes me want to pop out another one.


  • the nursery looks great! So sorry about all the painful contractions :-(


  • Kristin:

    I had zero contrActions up until I actually went into labor, and they yay they were never more than five minutes apart. I too had the nausea up until I pushed her out. I hope for your sake it doesn’t progress like mine, nothing makes labor fun like dry heaving. It’ll happen anytime now, and you won’t believe how quick it goes. The nursery is adorable.


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