Sunday Stream of Consciousness

Still pregnant. I’ve reached the miserably pregnant stage. At some point on Friday, I did something horrible to my back. I’m not sure exactly what, but I am pretty sure it was the result of sitting on the floor while sorting baby clothes for like an hour. Now anytime I try to bend forward or to the left, I get a sharp awful pain on the left side of my back. When you add that to the relentless pain in my right hip, I am just hurting. A lot. I can’t stand up or sit down without cringing/moaning/crying. It’s fun.

And every time I say that I’m ready for the baby, my husband tells me he needs to cook longer. And then I punch him in the face because he’s not lugging this baby around in his uterus.

The nursery is finished. There will be pictures tomorrow, I’m just too lazy to get the camera from upstairs, edit and post pictures now. But I promise, it’s on my to-do list. Barring the birth of the child tomorrow, the pictures will be up by the afternoon.

I have no words for Chopped All Stars right now except that tonight’s episode and winner make me irate. And that winner better not win the whole thing or Food Network is dead to me. Not really, but almost.

So the cats. The dry food thing came to a screeching halt when Karma decided it would be awesome if she just puked all over the place on Wednesday and Thursday. I mean, ALL OVER THE APARTMENT. Though notably, she never ever did it when my husband was home, because obviously. On the other hand, on the dry food my cat became SUPER mellow, like to the point that we hardly ever saw him and he almost completely stopped begging and fighting when hungry. It was kind of lovely. But, because Karma the ruiner, ruined it, we went back to the moist food, and almost immediately, my cat went back to being a tremendous douche whenever he was hungry.

So, we decided to try a different dry food and to phase it in instead of going gangbusters with it. I know, what a novel idea. Today we picked up a brand recommended by my MIL (you’ll be shocked to know she’s an expert in cats, too), and to our surprise, instead of looking at us like we had killed their puppy dogs when we put it in their bowls as they did last week, both cats happily scarfed down the food this afternoon. Hopefully Karma can tolerate this and it will reduce my cat’s aggressiveness again. I’ll hold my breath in the meantime.

If you cut up zucchini really thinly, cook it and try to pretend it’s pasta, you’re dead to me.

Husband and I watched Contagion today. It was actually really good, but also, it makes you never want to leave your house or touch anything in public ever again. Every time they showed an interaction I cringed because dude, we do that all day and I don’t want to diiiiiie. Maybe not the best movie to watch before going to the hospital to have a baby, but eh. What can you do?

Due date is in 13 days. I would not mind if the baby made his appearance in the next week. Would not mind at all. HINT HINT NUDGE NUDGE, baby.

3 Responses to “Sunday Stream of Consciousness”

  • mle:

    When I watched Contagion, all I could think about was how often I touch my face without realizing it. Eurgh.


  • Jeffrey, Aaron and Amanda in the same group? Seriously? Though I went and watched the recap to see who won-and there are a few of that chef’s recipes that are in my repetoire-my family loves them.

    I’m kind of hoping that Michael Symon takes it, because he’s trying to win for Autism speaks.


  • Bella:

    Can’t wait to see the pictures. How about a shot of you this far gone?


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