Sleepless in SoCal

You guys, we have reached a critical mass. I have not slept through an entire night (and I’m not talking about getting up to pee, because that has been a constant since literally the day after I got a positive pregnancy test) in close to a month. The first one of you who tells me that this is preparing me for motherhood is forever banned from commenting, because dude, THAT IS NOT HELPFUL.

It started out kind of slowly. I would wake up with aching hips, which have been a problem for a few months now and would struggle to go back to sleep. Sometimes it wasn’t so bad, especially on a weekend, I could just turn on a tv show and let them kind of calm down. But on weeknights it was always frustrating because I knew how hard the morning would be. But at least the hours I was awake were pretty tolerable.

Not so much anymore.

Lately I’m up for hours with heartburn, or heartburn and nausea, or heartburn, nausea and hip pain. Last night I had the worst stomachache I’ve had in a long time and had to spend a solid 10 minutes making sure the stomach cramps weren’t from my uterus (they weren’t). It was 2 hours before I got back to sleep and considering I had only gotten 5 hours of broken sleep the night before, I really really needed the rest.

I am completely prepared for the idea of being up all night with a baby. I am not prepared to be up all night with a stomachache every night for weeks. When still working. And still pregnant. With an angry uterus. I do not need any extra stress in my life.

I really don’t want to resort to sleeping on the chaise couch thing that is kind of upright (to reduce the acid reflux) that we have in the nursery because a) I actually really like sleeping beside my husband (most nights) and b) I think the cats will not know what to do with themselves. Although, on the upside, the cats might not know who to pester at 4:30 am for food, and that might mean more sleep then, so I may revisit this. But it’s looking like a move to sleeping there is in my near future. Either that or giving up sleeping altogether, which isn’t much of a sacrifice at this point.

Work is getting to be hard and realizing that I still have 9 weeks to go is even tougher. I struggle to imagine I’m going to make it through the full 16 weeks at this point, if not physically than mentally, because of the way I already feel now. I want to make it, because the last thing I want is to not graduate on time and have to return to a non-paid clinical after the baby is born and delay my board exam, but obviously the most important thing is my health and the health of my baby.

I knew that the glorious second trimester was going to have to come to an end, I just didn’t realize that the end would be a screeching halt into a totally less pleasant place. Insomnia, heartburn and contractions are all taking some getting used to. Though if we’re being honest, I’m trying really hard not to get used to any of them, in hopes that they’ll all just go away.

What, a girl can dream right?

(And yes, this whole blog post was one big whine session. I am not sorry. Mostly.)

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  • No matter what the impetus behind them, sleep issues suck, especially when you do have to go out and work every day. (I’m surprised I survived 2011, the year of the separation insomnia.)


  • no need to apologize!! And I won’t say what I’m not supposed to, what I will say is that I spent the last two months sleeping sitting up on the sofa with my legs on the coffee table and a fan blowing on me. Yeah, comfort multiplied. Then I was so lucky that I had to spend the last two weeks on bedrest due to nausea. I’m just sayin’ the little guy is gonna milk it for all it’s worth!! take care and hope you get some rest…


  • purplebreath:

    I think your best method of attack would be prenatal yoga. Did you ever go? If the class time doesn’t suit you, I’m sure I could find you a sponsor for a private session. There are moves you could do in between work duties to comfort your angry uterus (well, at least the abdomen) and the hip moves feel SO GOOD. It even helps digestion (did you think about what foods could be making the heartburn worse? probably so…) For tonight, I’ll just pray that peace will envelop you and allow for heavenly rest.


  • Katherine:

    I’ve had three babies. With the first I was terrified to take medicine even when my doctor said it was okay. I got over that with the 2nd and 3rd pregnancies. The prescription heartburn meds are okay to take, according to my OB, and they are miracle drugs. Ask your doctor about a Nexium or Prilosec prescription. Nexium saved my sanity with my third pregnancy.

    My midwife almost insisted that I take a benadryl or two at bedtime the last few weeks when I was so very tired because I had trouble falling asleep after every bathroom trip. Her logic was I needed to be well rested before labor and the demands of a newborn. I was never completely comfortable doing so but the nights I did it totally worked.

    For the aching hips I recommend a pillow between the knees at night. They make pregnancy body pillows that are great but any pillow between your knees will probably help some.

    I remember very well how uncomfortable the last trimester is. You have license to whine all you want.


  • angi:

    I so wish there was something uplifting or positive to say…It’s so incredibly uncomfortable in that last trimester. It’s such a balancing act. I didn’t sleep much at all, near the end, with either baby. I’d wake up uncomfortable and then my brain would run on overdrive. ((hugs)) Katie, I hope your doctor might have some options for help. UGH! I’m wanting to whine for you.


  • Karen:

    I agree with Katherine. If you are able to take medication for your heartburn please do so you can get some sleep. Nexium was/is a wonderful thing for me as well! Hope you’re able to get some rest and the third trimester goes quickly.


  • kimybeee:

    when i was pregnant and had heartburn i kept a jug of cold water on the nightstand and sipped through the night. it really helped and it is only the real time in my whole life that i drank just plain water. you really should consult your ob for ways to minimize the discomfort you are experiencing. you don’t have to suffer, there is help out there. as far as sleeping with your husband, unless he is a coma sleeper – he probably isn’t getting much rest either. you both may feel better if you move to a different location.

    and as for the cats (you are expecting me to nag lol), they will either move with you or take your spot lol i have a lot of cats inside and out and they are very resilient. they will get used to the changes you have going on in your household and may resist change at first – but they will probably enjoy the change after a bit. zoos call this “enrichment” lol animals are a lot like humans in that they get bored easily. that is probably why your little man is enjoying the new crib and the new toys so much – it is something new and different and exciting. just embrace the chaos and enjoy the laughs. if you are seriously worried about him getting in the crib with the baby go ahead and get one of those mesh covers and put on the crib to keep him out before the baby gets here. but you may want to make sure that he has a high vantage point so he can watch the baby when you are in the room together. if you make him think the baby is off limits, he may resent that and develop some not so pleasant habits as revenge. i have one cat here that when my husband or kids piss her off, she pees on something of theirs lol she never bothers anything of mine.

    i hope you get some relief and rest – don’t hesitate to seek help.


  • Mariah:

    I’ve been reading your blog for a while, but haven’t ever posted. I may have some advice regarding the heartburn, however. I have GERD and was told, when I was in my 20’s, that I should have surgery if I ever planned to get pregnant. As I didn’t get pregnant until I was 36, I’d pretty much forgotten that recommendation. While I had a pretty easy pregnancy, the last 3 months I was plagued not just by heartburn, but by waking up in a full-blown panic because I was literally choking on stomach acid. I’d heave myself out of bed (I was amazed at how quickly I could move my huge self when I was desperate to breathe), and drink water and take Gaviscon (which is way, way better than TUMS, IMO). I took Prilosec OTC first thing in the morning throughout my pregnancy (still do), and when I started having the choking episodes, my doctor prescribed Zantac 150 at night. It helped immensely, though I did still have a few choking episodes if I wasn’t careful about what i ate. I realize you may not be as willing to take drugs as I was, but it might be worth talking to you doctor about if you’re really desperate. Good luck!


  • You might want to try a Hazelwood necklace & bracelet. I am not even exaggerating when I say that Hazelwood is a miracle worker for heartburn, acid reflux and a host of other aliments!


  • Keri:

    You may have already read/heard this already but i’ve heard eating watermelon helps with the heartburn.

    Wishing you rest and peace but mostly rest.

    I rarely comment but have been reading the last few years and its so nice to read along with your journey.


  • Oh my goodness, heart burn bitch slapped me for weeks in my pregnancy. To be honest I had no idea what it was. I had never had heartburn before. So it took me weeks to realize that’s what it was. When I went to my gynecologist she asked me why I had not mentioned it before. I had no idea that the pregnancy had caused it. So you are are now already 2 up on me. Did I mention I owned 9 pregnancy books that I read daily. Anyway once I got medication, mine was called Alucalgel. I was like in a new person. Oh except for the peeing and no sleep. Just hang in there girlfriend. I was not a fan of pregnancy but am a huge fan of my now 2 year old. It was worth it, but don’t let anyone beat you up, because pregnancy was not a bed of roses for me either. Take care and I really hope meds help you the the heart burn.


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