To My Husband on his 30th Birthday

As I write this, it’s is still Valentine’s Day, but tomorrow is a bigger day. Tomorrow is your birthday. Your 30th birthday.

Damn you’re old.

It’s funny for me to think that I met you when you were only 22, freshly out of college, freshly out of a relationship and before you had even begun your medical school journey. We won’t even discuss the haircut. And here we are, almost 8 years later, a doctor and a pregnant graduate student, on the precipice of a totally new stage in our lives.

This year feels monumental in a bunch of different ways. I finish and graduate, you move into the final stage of your residency and of course, we’re going to have a baby. A son. Our son.

It just feels right that you get to start all of this in a new decade, like this year is your fresh start. And in many ways it already has been. You have been working so tremendously hard at work, both for your patients, but also to make positive changes in yourself and your work relationships. I have been so impressed by your commitment to do better and frustrated with you when not everyone sees how hard you’re working.

I feel like we have hit such a lovely rhythm as a couple, as a family. We are communicating better than we have in ages, we’re spending more time together, sharing more stories. I feel so content and safe in the life we have together, it just makes everything else seem easier too. I love nothing more than lazy weekends with you, watching movies and snuggling with our cats. I feel more at home with you than I ever have before.

I know we had both initially talked about how we secretly hoped the baby was a girl, but I can tell you now, I’m even more excited that he’s not. I’m so excited that our baby is a boy because I know that my son has the most outstanding role model anyone could ask for. I would be the luckiest mom in the world if our son grew up to be like you. Our child is already so very blessed to have you as a father. I have never doubted that you are going to be a great dad and I simply cannot wait to see you take on this new role.

As we wind down and head to bed on the eve of this big day, I just want to tell you how very loved you are. How much you have enhanced my life, my spirit. How much better I am for knowing you, for loving you and for being loved by you.

Happy birthday to you, my husband.

Wherever we’re together, that’s my home.

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