A Letter to Someone I Love

When I wrote this, it was initially intended for someone specific. But as I read over it, I realized that it may speak to many people in my life, and some days to me too. I hope it speaks to some of you as well.

Dear Loved One,

I know you are struggling right now. I know that nothing is as easy as it seems like it should be. I know that getting up each day, going to work, going through the motions of life is nothing short of exhausting right now. I know and I’m so sorry.

You tell me that you’re not sure you can do it, but I know you can. I know you can because I see what you don’t. I see the strength that you have, the strength that will get you through this crappy day or week or month. I see the tenacity and perseverance that you can’t feel anymore, because you’re too deep in this cavern to find it.

You tell me that you feel like you’re losing control of your life, but you can’t see that by reaching out, by asking for help, by trying to move on, you are exerting control. By choosing to get out of bed and going to work, even though it’s going to suck and feel awful, you’re in control. By choosing not to just lay down and let this anxiety, this depression, whatever label you need to put on it, by not letting that run your life, you are more in control than you have ever been.

And yes, it feels awful. I know it does because I’ve been there too. There are no words to describe how awful it feels to be where you are today, or where you were yesterday.

It will get better.

I’m not blowing smoke up your ass. I care about you, and other people around you care more about you than you’ll ever know. And we’re going to help you get through this. It will get better because you are strong. It will get better because there are people who care, including me. It will get better because you have too many great things ahead of you for it not to. There simply is no other choice and you have to believe that too. You have to accept, to trust me, that this really will get better.

You need to know that you are loved. You are cared for and about. You are never alone in any of this. Even when you think that no one is there, there is always someone thinking about you, praying for you, loving you. You are never alone.

I just wanted you to read this, to know that no matter how bad you feel today or tomorrow or next week, that it will be okay. It will get better. Even if you can’t see how, people like me, people who love you, can. And we will be here for you because we love you too much to ever walk away.

Lean on us. Let us carry you when your burden is too great. Let yourself fall sometimes, because we are here to catch you. And then when you’re ready, get up and try again.

I love you dearly, we’ll get through this together. I promise.


10 Responses to “A Letter to Someone I Love”

  • Very, very sweet and poignant letter.

    As I read it, I thought of the Bloggess’s post the other day-and yeah, what you said, I think Jenny could use this, too. :)


  • Lynda M O:

    well-written, thank you for detailing the thoughts.


  • Sue G:

    I love that this letter is posted as generic, without knowing to whom it was written. That means that any of us, whenever we feel the need, can come here and read it, receive it, and rejoice in the loving intent.

    Thanks, honey.


  • Stacey:

    Katie, You don’t know me, but I have been reading your blog for quite sometime now. This letter is exactly what I needed today and everyday moving forward right now. Thank you.


  • Nellie:

    That was beautiful and speaks volumes of the wonderful person that you are! Life is never easy and sometimes that path seems to be endlessly muddled with crap but with perserverance, guidance, love and patience, we will always find ourselves get through it.

    I hope that whomever you intended this letter to go to, feels your love and the love surrounding him/her from people he/she knows and from those he/she does not.


  • I’m not even sure if you remember me, but I just had to tell you a couple of things.

    First, thank you for sharing this letter. If you don’t mind, I’m going to write it into my paper journal, so that I can always have it with me to read on the days when I really need it. Yeah, I said it. Hard as it is to admit, there are days when I feel like this letter could have been intended just for me. I know that the person you intended it for is very fortunate to have you, and I know there are people that feel that way about me, too. No matter who you are, knowing that somebody loves and cares for you makes the rough patches not quite so rough.

    Second, but actually maybe first…I am so incredibly happy and excited about your little baby boy! I may have clapped when I read the news (I did stop short of jumping up and down while clapping). You are already a wonderful mother. Just so, so happy for you!


  • This made me cry, which I am grateful for. I haven’t really been able to cry. Thank you so much for posting this. I have recently been diagnosed with depression and though I am pretty open about having to live each day through it, I never tell anyone what it feels like. This helped so much. Even though it wasn’t written to anyone but your loved one, it helped to see that someone understood the things people have to go through, just to get out of bed each morning. So thank you. For understanding.


  • What a beautiful post! Thanks for sharing it.


  • Al_Pal:

    Awesome letter. So glad to see people were helped!
    Bookmarked. ;p


  • meena:

    Hi. I simply stumble don this blog of yours, and I just wanted to say thank you. Somehow it took a piece of the burden that I have right now. It made me realize the point of the letter. I guess it is just not to be read by anyone or everyone, but also it can be a message of any person to someone they love. It is what we want to tell to people who are important to us. :)


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