Overflowing Uterus

For the last month I have been keeping a secret from you. It has pretty much almost killed me and I have almost told you about twice a day since then, but I didn’t. I actually kept a secret. And a pretty big one too.

You see, a month ago, this happened.



In case you don’t know me well enough, you should understand that I have probably never been as shocked or excited about anything in my whole life. You guys. A baby. A BABY.

I went to my obgyn for the first time yesterday, had a wildly invasive exam and then I got to see this.


That? Is my baby.

Wow. That sentence may never not be weird to say.

At the ultrasound yesterday I was measuring at 8 weeks, which is a few days earlier than the period math led us to believe, but I’m okay with more time passing because this has been the longest month of my life. My due date is tentatively May 12, 2012, which in case you wondered is the day after I’m supposed to graduate from Graduate School. We are SUPER good at planning.

I realize that it is still early in this pregnancy and there is a fair possibility that something could go wrong, but I got to stare at that tiny little blob with it’s tiny flickering heart beat (160 bpm for you detail people) and I just about died of happiness on the spot.

I had planned to wait a little while longer to tell you, but I was offered the opportunity to join the Babble Being Pregnant team and I thought that might be a good way to share what’s going on with this whole baby thing without making this blog all about babies. I mean, this blog is still going to be all about babies, but it’s probably good to have a secondary location to share my crazy.

So there. That’s my secret. It still doesn’t feel real, but I’m not gonna lie, it feels pretty freaking exciting.

A baby.

(p.s. For those of you who happen to be Facebook friends with me on my real last name account, I would really super appreciate if you could not post anything on my wall about this yet because we are not telling the whole world for a while. You guys get to hear early because you’re special, don’t abuse my generosity or I’ll unleash my hormones on you.)

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