I had an appointment for physical therapy yesterday and my PT asked me how I was, and to my dismay, the answer was better. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve come to see her in the past few months and the answer has been some derivation of “ugh” or “not great” and what I really mean is “freaking awful.”

She started poking around at my neck like usual, assessing how my muscles and joints were moving and she stopped with a gasp. For the first time in months, my neck is actually moving the way it’s supposed to be. Apparently having a few days off of really ugly headaches is a pretty great cure for chronic neck issues. Who knew? We always assumed the neck pain was tied to the headaches but it’s been so long since I’ve had more than a day without a really bad one that we’ve not had a chance to test the theory.

It was nice to see something improving for a change.

I started the Vitamin A last week, just around the same time my head finally settled down a little. I started at a low dose and have been slowly upping it every day. As the dosage has gone up and the headaches have gone down, I’ve been letting myself jump to conclusions about the headaches, about the Vitamin A. I know that this Vitamin A was a shot in the dark, but it seemed like it might actually be working.

Spoiler alert: it’s not.

Last night I upped the dosage again, and am now feeling the real wrath of the side effects of the vitamins. But even more fun, I have a substantial headache. I actually opted to drop the dosage a little tonight to give myself a break from some of the side effects, especially considering how much my head hurts today anyways. I’m a little bummed out, but I’m not really surprised.

I know it’s too early to draw conclusions, but given that I was on 5 times the normal daily dose of A and have been for several days and still got this headache, I think we can safely assume that the Vitamin A is not a miracle cure. Not that we ever expected it to be, but still. It would be nice to have a miracle cure.

Or even a miracle break. A few more precious days in a row, where life can be a little closer to normal would be more than enough. I’m not stopping the Vitamin A altogether, I said I would give it a fair shot and I intend to, but I’m done putting a lot of hope in it, because I know better.

I’m hopeful that the rest of my time in San Diego is more gentle and if it isn’t, then I hope my tolerance to the headache improves. I want to make the most of this experience and going to bed early and missing out on fun isn’t really part of my plan. All I can do now is hope that tomorrow is better.

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  • purplebreath:

    I totally had to scroll down to see your spoiler alert so my hope was really inflated. Still, I’m hanging hope on the vitamin. I think it would take more than a few days to prompt your body into making more fluid. Speaking of fluid, make sure you upped your intake for the trip!


  • I’m not a doctor, nor do I play one on TV :-) but I have lots of experience in trying out new meds. I won’t give you advice (because, duh, not a doctor) but I will tell you that when I first started on Deplin I did a really fast dosage increase. It’s just folate, after all. Big mistake and I should have known better. So I went back down to the dose that didn’t seem to want to kill me and stayed there for about ten days. Then I very slowly (I’m talking cutting pills into 1/8ths) and stayed on that dose for another ten days. Some people take longer…like months. It’s just listening to what your body will handle.

    If your taking capsules you might be able to take your script to a compounding pharmacy and they’ll make smaller dose tablets until you build up your tolerance.

    The Vitamin A could actually be working for you…it’s just that it might be too much too fast.

    Just a thought. Have fun at BlogHer!


    David R Reply:

    May I ask Cathy, what type of physician prescribed Deplin and specifically for what symptoms??


    Kathy Reply:

    @David R, Integrative M.D. MTHFR gene mutation


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