It Has Come To This


As I was attempting to mentally pack for my trip, I realized that the transportation of pills to BlogHer this year was going to be different than in years past, primarily because I now have a whole lot more of them. The great irony is that though I’m taking more pills each day, all the pills I am taking daily are non-prescriptions. They are all vitamins and supplements, but ones that my doctor has prescribed and that I’ve gotten through my pharmacy.

In trying to figure out how to pack the pills I realized that it was time. Time for a thing I have long avoided. The pill sorter.

It has come to this

Hi, I’m my grandma.

After I filled all the cells for the days I’d be gone, and to be honest, I had to put some AM pills into the PM box because THEY DIDN’T ALL FIT, I realized that that wasn’t even all the pills I needed to bring with me. The pills in the box are only my daily meds, and there are a whole lot of other “as needed” ones that need to be brought along too.

For 5 days...

I try really hard not to let health stuff get me down more than it has to, though some days that easier than other. And it’s worth mentioning that the past few days have actually been good ones. The headaches have been totally bearable, for which I am extremely grateful. But when I take a look at all those pills, of how big a role medicine plays in my life, I just feel old. I feel worn.

I feel like I’m falling apart at 28 years old.

I look at my friends on Facebook and I see pictures from their hikes, their marathons, their pictures of their kid(s), I see these lives and I feel like I’m both behind them and ahead of them. Like in some ways I haven’t reached that point in my life and in other ways, I’ve already passed it up.

I know clamoring for normal isn’t a healthy thing to do, I know that it won’t get me anywhere. But that doesn’t stop me from wishing for it anyway.

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  • purplebreath:

    I suppose a silver lining would be that you aren’t taking so many BECAUSE of having children.

    That’s all I’ve got. My worst count was 29 supplement/prescription pills. At least you don’t have a tincture. Those really taste horrible.

    Nice job controlling what you can! haha


  • Lauren:

    If it helps at all — I’m your exact same age, and that’s roughly the number of pills I take, too. I don’t like it either, but maybe the fact that there are two of two of us makes it the tiniest bit more normal?


  • Katie P:

    I’m a little younger than you, but I succumbed to the pill boxes when I started seeing neurologists and taking upwards of 10 pills a day. I’m currently on a trip to Europe and between the vitamins/supplements and the prescriptions, I think I had to bring about 15 different drugs with me. They take up a whole section in my bag. (That’s in addition to carpal tunnel braces, a TMD splint, etc.)

    My main goal, in looking at my healthy peers, is that when I’m 60 I’ll have solved all these problems and will be completely medically sound, as opposed to my peers who will just be learning to navigate the medical system.


  • Kathy Burns:

    When I saw this picture I laughed out loud. Just yesterday, I bought my 25 year old daughter the same exact pill box. She actually takes alot more meds than you but she wanted a pill box that would allow her to carry her daytime and nightime meds with her in her purse. Before she goes to bed at night she fills the next days box so that when she gets up in the morning to go to her nanny job, she just needs to grab and go.

    So, don’t feel too old yet. There are others doing the same thing. Not sure that makes you feel any better but just putting that out there :)


  • Jackie:

    I feel your pain sister. I’ve actually gotten to the two pill sorter case plus my as neededs. It’s not ideal. But, the way I mentally make myself feel better about packing all of that is being glad that I can at least travel and that most of my meds are oral. I know it’s not much (and isn’t a yee-ha moment), but that helps me a bit. Rock that pill case like nobody’s business. 😉


  • I know just how you feel.
    I’ve had a pill sorter for years. Actually my friend looked at how much stuff I was taking and offered to buy one for me. It was then that I realized I had to take the plunge.


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