I met Anissa at BlogHer. Only, I didn’t. Because I was too chicken shit to actually go introduce myself. Instead I sat within 5 feet of her for like two hours, not saying a word and sweating like crazy. Because I’m a lady.

I sent her an email last week whose title, I’m pretty sure, was the least coherent email title ever. And then I babbled like an idiot for a few sentences and clicked send. And then I sent her a tweet about it, because I was embarrassed about what an uncool jackass I was/am.

Last week I got into a twitter conversation with her where I essentially blamed her for 3 of her friends having Chiari Malformation and for my sore throat (because I have class, yo (and I was kidding, of course)). And then again Sunday night she tried to help me understand a sexual innuendo about a sausage that flew right over my head (because she also has class).

No, I don’t know her that well. I haven’t spent time with her. But she’s my friend.

And she had a stroke today.

She had a stroke today.

I keep saying it and typing it, but it still just doesn’t seem possible. I feel like someone punched me in the gut and I just can’t catch my breath. I can’t find my words.

Maybe there aren’t even words for a day like today.

For a situation like this.

For an injustice like this one.

Anissa has 3 young children.

She’s a sister, a wife, a mother. A blogger. A friend.

I know that not all of you believe in prayer or God or any higher power. But Anissa does, and Anissa needs your prayers. Her kids and her husband need them. And If you live in the Atlanta area and can help, go here and see what you can do.

Tonight I put my own problems and worries aside. Tonight I hope and pray for Anissa.

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  • and this is exactly why you’re someone whom Anissa loves :)



  • Kel:

    I wish I knew her better. I only just started following her on twitter and her blog. She seems like an amazing person. My thoughts are with her and her family as well as my prayers.


  • I am her original oozy brain friend, She thinks a lot of you and I had to tell her I had already emailed you long ago, you were the 3rd blog I ever read. I can tell you that everything you say about her is spot on. She is and always has been, one of the most AMAZING PEOPLE ever on this earth. I can not adequately express my gratitude for having her ( and Pete and the kids) in my life the past 9 years. No matter the miles or time between us. Thank you for loving my friend. your fellow , Saggy, oozie, overflowing, it’s all in your head, chiari brained new friend.
    Sandi Kirk


  • Today has been so intense I almost forgot about the whole sausage conversation. I’m pretty sure Anissa is pleased that you sent out a reminder. Gawd I love y’all. Thanks for writing this and for being you. Many heartfelt prayers go out to Anissa and her family.


  • Traci:

    Hey I know Anissa. In fact I just found your page because of her and Sandi. And I came to your page because my friend and neighbor has the same thing you have. what an incredibly small wonderful world. I sent your link to my friend and she is excited to read it.
    Thanks for the post and prayers for Anissa. Yeah, she is as awsome as everyone thinks. :)
    Thanks to you too, for doing this blog.


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