The Inevitable

When I started this blog, I toyed (that so looks like it’s spelled wrong) with the idea of handing out the url like a business card because frankly, I think I’m a lot funnier than I am. After much thought and the realization that business cards don’t print themselves for free, I decided to just be anonymous. I have not to date, given this address to anyone besides those people I know online. Yes, I comment on blogs and leave the address there, but never anyone I actually know know. You know?

I know that my family doesn’t read because I check Google Analytics everyday to make sure that that dot in central California where my family lives isn’t getting bigger. Thankfully, it is not. I spent many hours FREAKING out when that dot appeared over my home town, only to then remember that, hey, I spent some time at home and I read my own blog (that goes back to that whole thing about how I think I’m pretty damn funny). Durr.

And yesterday, the inevitable happened. I was found.

A friend (hi Nico!) found me through the portal of 20-something bloggers. I’m not displeased with this in the least, but it makes me realize just how vigilant I need to be about keeping my family out. Because then I might not be able to bitch about them ad nauseum. Like this. Or this. Or my personal favorites

And that? That would be tragic. Tragic like not having turkey on Christmas.

6 Responses to “The Inevitable”

  • Nola (

    Amen! My family doesn’t know about my blog either. And I have to be careful around them not to say, “I need to blog that!”


  • the queen:

    You are funny. I point to the “Um, bite me” in the previous post. Made laugh out loud.


  • kim-d:

    I think it should be noted somewhere that I DID NOT SPILL THE BLOG BEANS TO YOUR MOTHER…not even close. What I did to, though, was comment to your comment on my “Ramblings” so go check it out when you can…hehehe.


  • kim-d:

    What I meant was–“what I did *DO*”– NOT “what I did to”…

    Brain fart that moved down to the typing fingers. AGAIN.


  • kim-d:


    If at all possible, I just love ya even more. Really. :)


  • Nico:

    Hi Katie! :)

    Though it is important to keep the family out of it, especially if they’ve got any idea how to use the internet, I just hope your blog doesn’t become private because then that would ruin my RSS feed subscription.


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